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Jul 17, 2008 11:23 PM

What ingredients make your heart go pitter pat?

If I am reading a menu, and something has artichokes, I almost always have to order it. I'm not talking about a dish (like I HAVE to order soft shell crabs when their on the menu), but some ingredient in a dish that is irresistible. What draws you to a dish in a restaurant or in a cookbook?

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  1. hearts of palm

    wild mushrooms

    streusel - or at least this used to be

    1. Fennel aka the best vegetable ever! Shrimp paste is pretty damn hard to resist, as well.

      1. the term "imperial"....

        the term "florentine"
        ginger and garlic
        hearts of palm

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        1. Truffle oil, marrowbone, sourdough, black pudding and capers

          1. smoked salmon - its hard to wreck it!