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Jul 17, 2008 11:09 PM

serving port -- proper glass?

what is the proper glass in which to serve port?

i've recently seen it served in a sherry-size glass (filled to the rim, almost), and seem to recall years ago seeing it in a brandy snifter. i thought it needs room to "breathe" in the glass (?) so one may inhale the aromatics (?). (need help with terminology, too!)

the google search reveals different answers, and shows different size glasses.

i trust you wine experts here on chow. please educate me. thanks!

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  1. A traditional Port glass has a Bordeaux-shaped bowl but is smaller and a little thinner. Almost a smaller version of the Riedel Vinum Syrah glass. Or like a Champagne flt, but a little wider, especially near the bottom of the bowl. A glass should be about 6oz - 12oz but I would never pour more than up to 1/2 capacity.

    Personally, I use Zinfandel/Chianti glasses for Port.

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      thank you, whiner! so the sherry glass filled to the rim was definitely wrong. i thought so, but i was with friends and it was "their" place, and i wasn't having port anyway. for the record, it was le jardin in new jersey (food was good.....)

      1. re: Maximilien

        maximilien, what about the aromatics? they are not "captured" for the imbiber to enjoy....
        i thought that was one of the hallmarks of drinking port? or am i so confusing the "port" protocol with the "brandy" protocol (or cognac, for that matter...)?

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          sherry glasses taper in at top? in my op, the shape of the glass was like a liquer glass, tapering out slightly. like this:

          in any event it was filled up.

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              well, my mistake...

              I just brain-farted and thought about something else...

              I was thinking about an INAO type glass.

            2. Reidel sells port glasses in its Vinum line--holds about 8 ounces though you'd fill it a little less than half way...

              1. alkapal,
                I realize this will not answer you question........but I just have to share a fond memory. When I lived in Denver, two of my closest friends had moved from Australia. They were only going to live in the States for about five years and did not want to accumulate much. They taught me so much about South Asian cooking and being Aussie they loved to drink. After every dinner they would serve port.........Charles loved port. They served it in little clear glass egg holders in the shape of a chicken that they had on hand. Quite unique, yet utilitarian considering their circumstances. This much I can tell you, I would perfer to share port with them in the chicken shaped egg holders than with anyone else, no matter what the vessel. What a pleasure it is to relive these memories.

                1. At the Instituto do Vinho do Porto in Lisbon they serve Port in glasses which are identical to the standard ISO tasting glass.

                  Only difference is the stem, which is squared with a depression on one edge for your thumb.

                  Of course, the glasses are not filled to the brim.