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Jul 17, 2008 10:46 PM

Korean peppers

I just bought half a pound of peppers from a Korean grocery. The English label just said 'korean pepper'. They are about 5" long, less than an inch in diameter, green, with modest curvature. I tried a bit of one and found it to be quite mild. Any suggests on how to use them?

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  1. Because Koreans are suckers for punishment, we take these mild peppers and dip them in seasoned spicy Kochuchang (Korean chile paste).

    But every so often, you get a very spicy pepper, and then watch the fireworks!

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      We dip them in kochojang.

      1. re: C. Hamster

        growing up, we dipped them in ssamjang.

    2. make a tuna fish filling with red chili flakes, soy sauce? whatever. pipe the filling into the top, replace top and secure with toothpicks. dip in batter. deep fry.

      signed, paula deen ;-P (nah...not really, but it IS deep fried, right?)

      1. Besides dipping them, you can chop them and add to any of the korean sauces/pastes for some extra flavor.
        The also work well in mild spiced soups and braises.

        EDIT: There is also a type of kimchi that uses these peppers.

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          Ohh! I've never seen this kind of kimchi, I don't suppose you have a recipe?

        2. Treat them like Padrones and pan fry in a little olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy with cold beer.

          I do this with a lot of different peppers, anything bite size that theoretically doesn't have a lot of heat works well. Every so often you'll get a hot one that makes the beer a necessary part of the equation.

          Or you could wrap them in bacon and bbq them.....

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            That's what I did the last time I cooked Korean peppers - like Padron peppers, but a Sichuan recipe where they were finished with a drizzle of Chinese black vinegar:



          2. My mom coats the peppers in cornstarch or rice flour, steams them and then mixes in red pepper flakes, garlic, fish sauce, sesame oil and a little sugar (i think)...i'd have to ask her for the specifics, but i do know that it tastes great!