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Best Pizza In Toms River ?.....

Well I know Floyd's Brick Oven pizza on rt37 is NOT the right answer to this question....
I saw this place while driving by one day & decided to give it a try yesterday.....boy what a mistake.....it was one of the worst brick oven pies I ever had.....I ordered 2 slices with sausage that looked like they put it through a food processor & all crumbled up instead of sliced.....& the dough was soggy and sloppy not consistent with what a nice Crispy Brick Oven Pie should be the sauce was tasteless also with that canned flavor... I took two bites & threw it all in the garbage.......disappointed as I walked out.

So being new to TR I am still searching for a good slice of pizza....any suggestions?

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  1. Tapas - Sorry to say there isn't much in the way of "good" pizza in TR. Instead I would make the drive to Seaside for a slice at Maruca's. Good Luck and welcome to the area.

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      I too am a fan of Maruca's in Seaside. Thus, when I noticed that a Maruca's had opened in one of the myriad strip malls on Route 70 in Brick, I was excited to try it.

      Although purportedly related to the Seaside operations, the pizza was nothing like that offered on the Boardwalk. In fact, it was downright awful. The cheese appeared to be the pre-shredded type that never really melts completely (think about the square, frozen pizza of your youth). The crust was much drier and the familiar circular sauce pattern was missing.

      Hopefully, this prevents someone else from suffering the same disappointment.

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        bgut1 Marrucas up till now remains my all time favorite around the toms river area for sure....I grew up in Brooklyn & believe me I know good pizza...Tortones in Coney Island was minutes away, got married moved to Staten Island & used to go to Nunzios, DeNinos, & the Road house for great pies.........I frequently drive to the Seaside Boardwalk also for great tomato pies....Ive also been know to drive to Trenton to Papas in the Burg for a few slices too...

        Thanx for your help & keep me posted if yu find anything good!

      2. Crumbled up meat, not sliced, is the usual way sausage is served on pizza, at least in the many places I've had it. Of course, that has nothing to do with the quality of the rest of the pie.

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          I'm not a fan of crumbled ....it gives me a dog food perspective....I'll take sliced any day.....I really prefer a good plain with Very Good ingredients.....In Naples Italy where my family lives Ive had outstanding Margarita style Pizzas with just San Marzano Tomato, home made fresh Mozzarella, & Fresh Basil OMG!!!!!

        2. If you don't mind driving a little south, the Anchor Inn in Ocean Gate and the Shady Rest on Rt. 9 in Bayville both have very good pizza. It's thin and crispy (ask for it well done) along the lines of, although not quite as good as, Delorenzo's in Trenton.

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            Thanx for the recommendations next time south I'll give it a try....

          2. im in california but there a place on rt 9 near rt 37 east side of street thats great or just go to pats on rt 88 in brick

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              Dp you mean across from the Crystal Diner on 37?

            2. I know it's been a while since I last ate there, but I thought that Capone's on Washington St in downtown made a pretty good pizza. You might want to check them out. The address in 17 Washington St, and the number is 732.473.1777. I couldn't find a website for them.

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                Capones is definitly on my list!!!

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                  I am obsessed with The Garlic Lover's pizza at Capones. Lots of garlic, chunks of tomato, and fried eggplant. Yum!

                2. Count me as a fan of Maruca's in Seaside, too. However, the BEST pizza in the area is in Lavallette---Lenny's at 406 Highway 35N. They've been there for over 20 years---for good reason. Yes, it's worth the trip!

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                    I passed Lenny's yesterday ...its across from the Crab Claw Inn on 35 N...

                    That is my next trip for sure...is that the same Lennys from Brooklyn?


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                      tapas i cant remember let me check yelp

                  2. Well Tapas, I have to disagree with you on Floyd's....They have the best pizza around, always crowded with regulars and newcomers. Pizza is never soggy, and sauce is homemade. With cornmeal spread on the bottom of the oven it's kind of hard not to get a crispy crust. IMO, you can't go wrong eating here..

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                      lilly lou...

                      to each their own....I tried it once again & I stand by my review.
                      Floyd's is off my list for ever. Im glad you enjoy it. This argument will never end on the topic of best pizza its personal preference. VIa Roma is my Toms River choice...otherwise I drive to Papa's in Chambersburg. Sorry but Floyd's is a bust for me.

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                        I've got most of my extended family in Italy down in Calabria and Tapas52 I agree with you we've been spoiled to real pizza by being over there! I also agree that crumbled sausage is the way to go, especially with some sauteed hot peppers.

                        I used to go to Capones when I was in high school when it first opened and I used to enjoy it, particularly the individually-made "gourmet" pies in their wood oven. But it seems that like many things around town here, they start well and if they are to last, quickly fade into mediocrity.

                        There used to be a place in Point Pleasant Beach on 35 near the Ark run by this fellow that supposedly got certified by this Neapolitan pizza consortium or something. Gosh, the cat made pizza as close to some of the best stuff I've had in Italy. My mom didn't like it as she prefers the bakery style, very thick, chewy crusts like we make at home, as these were the classic, thin crusts. But man, it was really excellent and all he served were pizzas he made one at a time by himself. Really, expensive, though. He was there for a long time and now its been replaced by, you guessed it, a typical red-and white, American style pizzeria. ::sigh::

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                          My whole family lives in Italy Sicily/Naples...Ive been there many times and the pizza is a way of life ....fresh local ingredients makes the difference.....the place your talking about in Pt Pleasant was "Uno Napolitana" which is now gone its a shame nice place the real deal there, brick oven, wood chip shoveled fire, .......I tried the new place there place a few weeks ago not bad in a pinch but nothing like my triangular located favorites.....Pappa's in Trenton (burg), Via Roma, Toms River
                          RT 9/70, Marrucas Seaside Board walk.


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                            I'm a bit confused Tapas52?You say you have had outstanding pizza in Naples ,as you will then know ,Neapolitan Pizza is very soft (considered soggy by most Americans !) and can not be picked up as a slice.The only way to eat it is folded like "a wallet" as they say.that's why they serve it with a knife and fork and don't cut it.The only place making pizza like that in NJ is Amano in Ridgewood,as far as I know? However it is nothing at all like the typical American style pizzerias you've mentioned as your favorites.Good luck!

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                          Hey, I have no problem with that...just stating my opinion, but as MGZ said, there are pizza parlors a dime a dozen in Toms River. Just have to find the right one for you, looks like you did, so enjoy :)

                      2. It's ironic this thread resurfaced. Yesterday, while driving from Island Beach to El Familiar, I was struck by the sheer number of Italian eateries and pizza places on Route 37. It would seem that if you had pizza twice a week, it would take the better part of a year just to try every pie on that one road. Surely, one of them must be ok??

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                          El Familiar is great! Love their cusine & have been there many many times.
                          I wouldnt assume that just because there are many Italian & pizza places in an area that all is ok? In fact many are just clones that get their ingredients from the same truck that deliveres provisions to most of them, most are horrible at best...you really have to go try them all to get a good idea of what I mean...
                          I'm on rt 37 everyday...."Enzo's Cafe Italia" is pretty good, give it a try.


                        2. I like Charlies in the Plaza with Shoprite on Fisher Blvd.

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                            Living in Pine Lake Park, Charlies has opened what should be called Charlies two. Bar and pizza. While I like Luigis in Lakehurst, Charlies selection and freshness are nice and he has won me as a customer where before I'd be driving into Lakehurst for my pies. The entire place has been done over and it's pretty crowded most nights. I also like their calazone and pretty much recommend everything on the menu.

                          2. Luigis in Manchester the very best pie

                            1. Donato's pizza on Fisher Blvd is a new place that just opened a few months ago, they are defiantly the best pizza place around in my eyes. I've live in Toms River for many years and tried many of the local places and none come even close. They have the best meatballs I've ever tasted, I was told they are home made and fresh and you sure can tell by the taste. All their food is to die for, even the white pie is the best. I always eat there now. Some of my fav. things to order are the baked ziti, lasagna, white pie, and a reg pie, and I always get a side of meatballs no matter what I order. I'm not one for Sicilian pizza but even that was good. So if your ever on Fisher Blvd try them out I'm sure they will be your favorite place too.



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                                i just would like to say that i think floydes is by far the best pizza in toms river if not most of the area. every slice i have had has been excellent and along with all the sandwiches iver never had a bad meal. and not only that chris (the owner) along with all the staff are always very friendly and making sure everything is ok.
                                and if i cant make it to floyds italys best in lakehurst is a close 2nd for me

                              2. Growing up, Attilio's, on the corner of Route 166 & old freehold road, had the best pizza hands down! not sure how it is lately as i have moved from down there

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                                  In Toms River (along 37) I love Sunrise pizza's sicilian. The owners (husband and wife) are both native Italians and know how to cook. The crust is high and crunchy. The sauce is fresh crushed tomatoes. Ask for it well done and it's a treat. This small place is located in the same small strip mall as the old (small) Wawa.

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                                    My local choice lately for decent Pizza in the Toms River Area is PAVOS on Mule road, near Davenport in the Holiday City plaza. I'm a big PAPA'S tomato pie fan in Trenton (burg).... but Pavos feeds the need when I need a decent pie with good ingredients and good taste.

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                                    i was always a big fan of theirs since H.S......bad news...burned down like 6-8 mths ago and now apparently and insurance fight amongst the tents has them still closed

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                                      Going to events at Ritacco annually, I can tell you that Attilio's is average pie. I still go as i love pizza and only do so as it's the closest to TRN, and there's nothing on Rte. 37 other than fast food joints.

                                      Sure glad that I live up in Monmouth where choice and quality has never been an issue.

                                    2. Worst pizza I ever had! We just got back from Italy and someone told us this place had thin crust pizza so we thought we'd try it. Blaugh. Tastless soggy (thin) crust, clumps of tomato pieces that tasted like they were right out of a can, sparse clumps of tasteless mozzarella, pieces of basil thrown about. Inedible.

                                      1. My family and I are fond of Francoli's on Fischer Blvd. It's near the Shop-Rite complex, but in a separate, smaller strip mall of only three or four units.

                                        It's not as good as the boardwalk pizza joints, but it's pretty dang good (imho) and we like supporting the smaller, family-owned businesses. Always get friendly service from there.

                                        Great chicken parm and pasta dishes, too.

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                                          Pizza is one of those foods that "BEST" doesn't exists.....its just too wide spread..everyone likes something different & you will always get a different answer to the question...same thing with hot dogs & burgers.....I say just Enjoy whatever you like.

                                        2. Luigi's point pleasant
                                          Great sauce thin crispy crust with a side of surly counter service

                                          1. I like Linda's on Fisher Blvd, their Margherita is really good, and they make the fresh mozzarella in house.

                                            They use GOOD cheese, the kind that doesn't come out of the oven with a 1/2 inch of oil on top.

                                            I grew up in Italy and I've stopped looking for THAT pizza, it just doesn't exist here.

                                            1. Anybody remember Mazzola's pizza that was on Route 37 in the early 70's? They had the best pizza and meatballs. To this day, I compare every meatball I try to Mazzola's.

                                              Any chance a family member stayed in the business in the area?

                                              1. I had a great slice at Lisa Pizza 37/Mule rd in TR.....called a Grandma Pizza.....
                                                Thin crisp square, w/ Garlic, Basil Pesto, olive oil .... nice!

                                                1. I really like Joey D's Brick Oven Pizza by the Movie theaters and the Buffet on Rt 37 W. I'm not the only one. People seem to be streaming in and out of the place with large orders. They also have dinner specials that seem very reasonable. Good pies and also the specialty pies are great also.