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Jul 17, 2008 10:37 PM

Best Pizza In Toms River ?.....

Well I know Floyd's Brick Oven pizza on rt37 is NOT the right answer to this question....
I saw this place while driving by one day & decided to give it a try yesterday.....boy what a was one of the worst brick oven pies I ever had.....I ordered 2 slices with sausage that looked like they put it through a food processor & all crumbled up instead of sliced.....& the dough was soggy and sloppy not consistent with what a nice Crispy Brick Oven Pie should be the sauce was tasteless also with that canned flavor... I took two bites & threw it all in the garbage.......disappointed as I walked out.

So being new to TR I am still searching for a good slice of pizza....any suggestions?

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  1. Tapas - Sorry to say there isn't much in the way of "good" pizza in TR. Instead I would make the drive to Seaside for a slice at Maruca's. Good Luck and welcome to the area.

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      I too am a fan of Maruca's in Seaside. Thus, when I noticed that a Maruca's had opened in one of the myriad strip malls on Route 70 in Brick, I was excited to try it.

      Although purportedly related to the Seaside operations, the pizza was nothing like that offered on the Boardwalk. In fact, it was downright awful. The cheese appeared to be the pre-shredded type that never really melts completely (think about the square, frozen pizza of your youth). The crust was much drier and the familiar circular sauce pattern was missing.

      Hopefully, this prevents someone else from suffering the same disappointment.

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        bgut1 Marrucas up till now remains my all time favorite around the toms river area for sure....I grew up in Brooklyn & believe me I know good pizza...Tortones in Coney Island was minutes away, got married moved to Staten Island & used to go to Nunzios, DeNinos, & the Road house for great pies.........I frequently drive to the Seaside Boardwalk also for great tomato pies....Ive also been know to drive to Trenton to Papas in the Burg for a few slices too...

        Thanx for your help & keep me posted if yu find anything good!

      2. Crumbled up meat, not sliced, is the usual way sausage is served on pizza, at least in the many places I've had it. Of course, that has nothing to do with the quality of the rest of the pie.

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          I'm not a fan of crumbled gives me a dog food perspective....I'll take sliced any day.....I really prefer a good plain with Very Good ingredients.....In Naples Italy where my family lives Ive had outstanding Margarita style Pizzas with just San Marzano Tomato, home made fresh Mozzarella, & Fresh Basil OMG!!!!!

        2. If you don't mind driving a little south, the Anchor Inn in Ocean Gate and the Shady Rest on Rt. 9 in Bayville both have very good pizza. It's thin and crispy (ask for it well done) along the lines of, although not quite as good as, Delorenzo's in Trenton.

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            Thanx for the recommendations next time south I'll give it a try....

          2. im in california but there a place on rt 9 near rt 37 east side of street thats great or just go to pats on rt 88 in brick

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              Dp you mean across from the Crystal Diner on 37?

            2. I know it's been a while since I last ate there, but I thought that Capone's on Washington St in downtown made a pretty good pizza. You might want to check them out. The address in 17 Washington St, and the number is 732.473.1777. I couldn't find a website for them.

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                Capones is definitly on my list!!!

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                  I am obsessed with The Garlic Lover's pizza at Capones. Lots of garlic, chunks of tomato, and fried eggplant. Yum!