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Jul 17, 2008 09:36 PM

Review: Pizza A Metro - Phoenix (w/ photos!)

One of the things that a lot of people haven’t figured out about Phoenix is that some of the best Mom and Pop restaurants are in dumpy strip malls and are often overshadowed by the mega-chains that have pulsating neon signs and large stand-alone buildings. Due to the cost of real estate, the little places run by families or upstart business owners often can only afford the rent in a strip mall.

All the better for me and those of us who are constantly on the lookout for a dingy strip hiding a fantastic meal.

As luck would have it, a less than stellar strip mall near I-17 and Thomas Road is currently housing a little (and I do mean little) Italian restaurant called Pizza A Metro. This strip mall anchor is a Circle K and the only way I saw the place was by the small neon sign that said “PIZZA” with an arrow pointing to the entrance.

I pulled in and was joined by a fellow chowhound named “Ciaogal,” a delightful dinner companion who shares my love of food and finding those out-of-the-way places. I was waiting outside when Ciaogal opened the door and asked me if I was Seth. She had grabbed a table while waiting for me and I was happy to escape the heat outside.

We sat at a spacious and comfortable four-top and I was immediately asked by the owner if I would like something to drink. I requested a Diet Coke ($2.00 each). This was brought quickly and I slowly poured the bottled liquid over the glass of ice. I gave big props to Ciaogal for also having a Diet Coke.

We were handed menus and started debating about what we would have for our dinner. There were lots of items on the menu that jumped out at me and I had a hard time deciding between the pasta, the pizza and the appetizers. Ciaogal asked if we could share any of the items we ordered. I was quick to agree.

With that compromise under our belts, we place our order. Ciaogal would start with the Carpaccio ($6.95) and I would get the Caesar Salad ($4.95). Four our main dishes, I decided to try the regular sized Frescolina Pizza ($14.95) and Ciao got the Linguini Carbonara ($8.95). The owner was our server as well and he promised that we would have fresh bread on the table in minutes as the oven was overflowing with a pizza order.

As we waited, we took in the atmosphere and chatted about food. Although the place was tiny, it was cleverly decorated and the outside world was the furthest thing from my mind. The place was just comfortable and charming and the owner was doing his best to greet and satisfy the customers. The only issue we both had was the noise level. Even though the restaurant only has about half a dozen tables, I was straining to hear Ciao and felt bad about asking her to repeat every third sentence. Still, the villa doll house decor was not expected but completely welcome. Ciao called it “a collaboration of passion and love for good food and ambiance.”

As promised, the bread arrived and I was a bit surprised. A very elongated dish was covered with small triangles of pillowy, golden bread and a small bowl of an onion, caper and mushroom caponata sat on the edge. The bread was hot, slightly chewy and completely delicious. The caponata was fantastic with its slightly sweet overtones and lots of body and flavor. It was a great way to start our meal.

After munching on the bread for a few moments, our appetizers arrived. The first to the table was a plate of Caprese. However, we hadn’t ordered the Caprese but had ordered the Carpaccio. We immediately chalked up the mistake to the noise issue and the owner was very quick to replace the dish with the one we ordered.

While the Carpaccio was being made, my Caesar Salad arrived on a colorful plate. The cold, fresh Romaine pieces were tossed with a creamy and garlicky Caesar dressing that had me hooked. Shreds of paper-thin Parmesan cheese was also in the mix. I had no complaints about this dish at all, but would have liked to have seen some croutons or similar. Not a big deal as the freshness of the salad was incredibly enticing. Ciao found the salad very fresh and like the fact that the salad was not dripping with dressing like many places in the Valley do.

When the Carpaccio arrived, I think Ciao and I feel in love with it just from the look of the dish. “It’s like we are going to destroy art,” Ciao said. I agreed. The presentation was beautiful, but the thin slices of beef along with the capers and cheese just lured me in and I was more than happy to destroy the artistic value of the food in order to please my palate. We dove in and I was mesmerized by the mix of flavors. The Carpaccio was sublime. Bursting with flavor, the meat had been treated to a fine mix of olive oil and a tremendous amount of lemon juice. Everything was super fresh and the flavors melded together. Just delicious on all counts. Ciao said it was one of the best presentations of carpaccio she had seen and I would have to agree. What really made this dish stand out was the lemony vinaigrette. This could have been just another carpaccio plate, but the presentation and the dressing just nailed it for us.

We were poking at the remnants of our appetizers when our entrees arrived. The Linguini Carbonara was a large portion of linguini thoroughly coated with a delicious cream sauce and lots of small bits of pancetta. It was an adult, upscale version of Macaroni & Cheese that had us both licking our chops. I was very happy that the bacon didn’t overpower the dish. There was a perfect balance between pasta, cream and meat. Ciao loved the smokiness of the pancetta and had a notion that the pasta may have been handmade. It wouldn’t surprise me. Ciao called it a “bowl of heaven.” Indeed.

My Fresca Pizza arrived and we were very happy with what we saw. A medium pizza pie crust had been covered with crushed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto and lots of peppery arugula. Ciao and I were both chomping at the bit to get to the pizza and I pulled the first slice with bits of the arugula falling to the side. I repositioned the greens and took a bite. It was delicious. The crust was thin and pliable with a small amount of chew and plenty of salt. The tomatoes and mozzarella combined with the arugula and prosciutto were a fantastic combination. It hit the palate just right. Ciao said the owner sure had a knack of laying flavors quite well. For both of us, the stand out was the crust. This could have been just another, average crust, but it wasn’t too thin or too heavy, but crisp, light and not burnt. We both felt this was another work of art we had to destroy for the sake of our taste buds.

We were amply stuffed when we requested the bill and boxes to take home the leftovers. The entire meal was an astoundingly inexpensive $45.27 including tax. This was a bona fide steal. The food was excellent along with the top notch service and a wonderful atmosphere. We couldn’t find any fault with our evening other than we both had to depart.

I did find it interesting that while we were eating, a group of four young guys entered. From their conversation, it was clear that they thought this was going to be another quick, order at the counter pizza joint where you could get a slice for a couple of bucks. The owner invited them to take a seat and walked them through the menu. After they ordered, one said to the rest of the group, “I wish we had more places like this in the neighborhood.”

I think Ciao and I would agree with this person completely.

Pizza A Metro
2336 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Dress: Casual
Hours: Monday through Thursday - 11 AM to 8:30 PM; Friday and Saturday - 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM; Closed Sundays.
Notes: On the north side of Thomas Road. Look for the Circle K sign. Parking is limited. Second location may be opening in Scottsdale.

Additional photos can be found at

Pizza A Metro
2336 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015

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  1. hi seth,

    im so glad you liked the metro, i love this spot. the food's great, the owner is charming, and the price is such a's jumped to the top of my list of great places to chow in phoenix

    8 Replies
    1. re: winedubar


      Great Review.....I couldn't have said it any better!

      I have to admit.....I am in awe of this restaurant!
      It is totally 'charming' almost 'Fairytale' like.....

      My whole experience was surreal!
      From my wonderful dinner companion Seth, to the food and decor.

      The passion and attention to detail of Pizza a Metro absolutely blew me away!

      The Owner/Chef obviously has a great palate for layering flavors.

      Everything we ordered had dimension, it was distinctive, and presented beautifully.

      I am looking forward to Pizza a Metro's second venture in Scottsdale 'Amarone'.....
      I hope they are able to recreate the 'passion' in a second location.......

      I agree w/ winedubar....this is at the top of my list as well!
      It is well worth the trip!

      Seth, Thanks for sharing your Pizza Fresca with me!

      1. re: ciaogal

        Thanks for the great review, Seth. Where in Scottsdale are they putting the second location?


        1. re: barry


          I believe it is near 90th Street and Via Linda.

          1. re: Seth Chadwick

            Yes, that's what the owner told us too. In the building where "Noodles" had been. (I don't know the complete name...not really my neck of the woods). And great review, Seth! I'm glad the word is getting out on this wonderful place!

            1. re: MesaChow

              That location is, for those who don't know, diagonally across the way from Andreoli's. Yay for having two awesome italian places in this area now (or soon, at least)!

              1. re: Jess321

                Thanks, Jess, That actually pinpoints it exactly for me. :) We loved PaM, so a larger and somewhat closer place would be great. I just hope he can keep the quality the same.

                I didn't realize that Noodles wasn't there. Then again, we haven't been in that particular area in a while.

            2. re: Seth Chadwick

              Thanks, Seth. That's going to be a pretty good food corner (90th St and Via Linda) with Pizza A Metro, Andreole, Swaddee's and Hiro. Not a bad area to drive toward if you're not sure what you want for a quick, casual dinner.


              1. re: barry


                The owner of Amarone (Pizza a Metro's 2nd location) is putting a lot of $$ into the decor. If it's as cute as Pizza a Metro it will be a 'jewel' in the neighborhood!

      2. Seth, another good review! I stopped by there for lunch today (sat) and it is truly a gem. Had the mozzarella, anchovy, tomato pizza (regular size - fed 2 PLENTY!). Yummmm...fresh mozzarella, not too heavy on the not too salty anchovies, real tomatoes, great chewy crust. Caesar salad was quite nice too as was the bread plate.
        I can't WAIT until the Scottsdale place is opened. I don't get over to central PHX much, but it's good to know I have a place to go (other than Crazy Jims, Pane Biancho and the nice Calabria (sp) Italian Deli).

        And, just a heads up to anyone that doesn't know the area well...Keep your eyes open if you go there at night. It's not the worst area, but it's not the best and it's good to be aware if you have to park father than the little Circle K parking lot.

        I hope the owners have a lot of success. Nice place!

        3 Replies
        1. re: Elmo


          Thanks for the input. I did mention that we had plenty of food left over to take home but forgot to indicate that there was plenty left over for another meal (and a big thanks to Ciaogal for letting me take the pizza home).

          I am a pretty hearty eater so having food go home (and all for just over $40) make PaM a great find!

          Thanks again.

          1. re: Seth Chadwick


            Next time I might fight you over the leftovers....especially if they are as good as PaM!

            I may have to make a return visit soon!
            I can't wait for the Scottsdlae location even though I live a stone's throw from 90th and Via Linda.

            1. re: ciaogal

              I can't wait for this place to open! My fiance lives blocks and we can't wait for it to open. Does anyone know when it's scheduled to open?

        2. Great find - a friend and I headed there today for an early dinner (Sat, 5 pm) and I've been too stuffed to go out tongiht with another group of pals! We split an order of veal cannelloni in pink (vodka?) sauce, which were beautifully flavorful and suprisingly light. We also shared a medium pizza - the name escapes me but it was tomato sauce, mozz, some nice sausage with a kick and... broccoli. I can't recall ever having that on a pizza - but it worked. In fact I'd imagine most things cooked in a wood fired oven on a great crust works pretty well. Coupled with the delish bread/caponata dish, we ate very well. And there are a few slices left over in the fridge.

          The owner and staff were great and the place is definitely gem-like. I live in Scottsdale so I'm excited that a 2nd location is opening in Sept, but if coming from the N. Tempe/S. Scottsdale area, it was only 20 minutes to get to 20th Ave. on the 202/10 (on the weekend) - and easy and fast trip. But even if it were rush hour on a Friday - it's defintely worth a trip from any direction.

          1 Reply
          1. re: tastyjon

            I forgot to add... they had signs up indicating they will soon be open on Sundays as well.

          2. Dingy strip mall gold.

            Seriously, who can be blamed for passing by this place a million times and not giving it a second glance. I stopped by for a late lunch on a recent weekend and wasn't even hungry - so I thought. Caesar salad was very cold, crisp and nicely dressed, although sans crouton; basic, but good ($4.95). Veal cannelloni ($10.75) w/panna rossa sauce was really awesome - a very fine grind on the veal that melted in your mouth. The pasta could have been more al dente, but the sauce had really great flavor with a subtle spiciness.

            Apparently they recently changed their caponata, with tomatoes, peppers and olives; very good. I took home a regular Siciliana pizza (tomatoes, mozz, eggplant) for dinner later and also enjoyed it - I probably would rate the cannelloni higher, but still thought it was good pizza (think I enjoy Bianco and LGO more).

            LIquor license coming in two weeks.

            Will be returning very soon - great place.