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Jul 17, 2008 08:06 PM

STL: Amighetti's: what were we missing?

We tried the much-vaunted Amighetti's special and taste of Italy sandwiches tonight, and were completely underwhelmed. The bread's nice, yes. But the rest? The Special was, well, just a sandwich. And the supposed Taste of Italy was made entirely with fake cheese.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm from Philly. I love me some Cheez Whiz. I have Kraft Singles in my fridge right now. Easy Cheese in a can? I'm there. But if you're going to call your sandwich A Taste of Italy, or the Best of Italy or whatever it was called, you really need to use some kind of real cheese. Also, if you say your sandwich comes with olives, there should really be more than four thin olive slices on it.

Honestly, we didn't enjoy these sandwiches any more than we enjoyed the ones we had last week at Jimmy John's. Is Amighetti's something you have to grow up in St. Louis to enjoy? I'm looking for a hardcore Italian sub/hoagie/what have you, and it certainly isn't to be found there. Which is fine, if that's not what they're trying to do, and it seems like it's not.

And lastly, since I didn't find what I'm missing at Amighetti's, where can I find it? Or is it a futile search here?

(We also got their tortellini for the baby, and the gravy had a harsh, bitter edge to it. Wasn't so happy about that, although the pasta was cooked perfectly and the filling had nice flavor.)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My fav sandwhich shop is 9th Street Deli in Soulard. I also like Adrianna's on the Hill for St Louis Style Italian food. 9th St. has the BEST cheesesteaks in this city..and they come wit whiz...

      1. Amighetti's was highly regarded when it was about the only place doing the sandwiches like that...which makes it, what, 30 years ago? Your assesments sound about right to me.

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          I second Adrianna's on a quality italian sandwhich. However, Blues City Deli in Benton park has got to be the best all around sandwhich shop. Atmosphere + awesome food....can't go wrong with their beer prices either.

        2. Totally agree with you,was there a year and a half ago,and was so disappointed especially since my mouth was watering for a good hoagie for so long,I think jimmy johns is a heck of a lot better than what i got there,am now in search for a good authentic hoagie in kansas city when i go there,hopefully i'll find it.Did however get some of the best Italian sausage at Volpi's.

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            mutti - yes Volpi's puts out an excellent line of products and if you catch them during a slow moment the staff is just SO friendly and helpful. after returning from living on the coasts for 20 years I was kinda like "what's you're angle here" but they're really just, nice.