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Jul 17, 2008 06:44 PM

What's your fave 6th st Indian place

Okay,okay I'm sure it's a tired question, but, what is your favorite indian restaurant on 6th
to take out of town in laws. They don't need fancy, but fun and good is a big plus!
I actually like them so I want them to have a good time! Thanks. Oh and there will be 10 of us

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  1. Banjara. Not sure if it's as "fun" as some of the others with X-Mas lights but the food is better than the others.

    1. I agree, Banjara. Though the service can be confused, to say the least. I also want to try Brick Lane, though I've heard mixed reviews about the spot.

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      1. re: comiendosiempre

        brick lane is the only one i go to there...its relatively clean, with decent service, good prices and great grilled meats.

        haveli on 2nd ave is a good option too but a bit more money than i care to spend for cheap indian grub. for that, i go to devi and dawat.

        1. re: sam1

          I just tried Brick Lane recently after whining like a brat in another thread that there were no "good" Indian restaurants in Manhattan.

          I was happy to be so wrong. Brick lane is very good, entrees are $15-$20 which is a little more than I would like to spend, but that's because I'm cheap. And used to eating indian from Hicksville on LI, where good Indian entrees are closer to $10.

          In any case, I can speak highly of Brick Lane as a real American/English Indian restaurant. That means chicken tikka masala is top notch there, plus other good dishes.

          Don't fall for the Phaal Curry challenge, though. They say it's the hottest curry variety in the world, and many believe that Brick Lane's phaal is the hottest dish in Manhattan regardless of cuisine. Since I have macho issues, I ordered it and finished it and now have a certificate. But it's not especially good tasting, so skip it.

      2. The best in that neighborhood is not really indian - Its Sigri on 1st Ave between 5th and 6th - make reserrvation in advance, they are small and a BYOB place. Why is indian the choice with your in-laws ? spicy ?

        1. I third Banjara. It's not super fun. Maybe reserve outdoor seating? The tables on Sixth will allow your guests to peep the more fun (and far crappier) places.

          1. Is Sigri the Sri Lankan spot, up a flight of stairs? I actually just passed it the other night? Is it all vegetarian? And, I thought they used to have folks ushering you inside from the street. I never think of that as a good sign. Yet, there's another Indian spot right next door, I believe, and the hustlers may have been hawking that place. I will really need to try Brick Lane.