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Jul 17, 2008 06:29 PM


Hello I have a ton of family visiting Austin and we all need some good places to eat dinner lunch and good cocktails in austin!!! please any help would be nice!

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  1. You have to give us more to go on. How many people? Price range? type of food? food allergies? certain parts of town?

    1. I agreee that more info would be useful. One place that pops into my mind is the Roaring Fork. The food is decent, and out of town guests like the Capitol/Congress Ave. view from outside. Right along that same alley is the Stephen F Austin upstairs bar. (outside). What part of Austin will they be staying in? I just mentioned downtown options, because my suggestions would be very different for guests staying in North or South Austin.

      1. we will be all over austin- so anything options would be great! any number of people, any price range- dirt cheap to nice any type of food

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          I know we are asking lots of questions, but it is hard to pin down what you are looking for. Do you want them to have an "Austin" experience - or just good food? One more question to throw out there. That being said - how about Hoovers, El Chilies, Fonda San Miguels? I think they all have web sites you can check out.

        2. Well, let's see to give some actual responses...

          Good mojitos at Dona Emilia's downtown.
          The bartender (the fussy one) at Mrs. B's Creole Kitchen is as particular about his cocktails as anyone I've seen. Makes a smooth mint julep and a mai tai with proper orgeat syrup.
          Primizie Osteria has good Italian dishes, enough to satisfy my Sicilian-American friend who's complained about Italian food all the time he's lived here.
          The poblano enchiladas and enchiladas morelos at Elsie's on Burnet.
          A beer at the Draught House.
          Glasses of wine at Vino Vino.
          Morning coffee at Cafe Mundi.

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            awesome thank you that is, just what i needed!

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              Go to Flip Happy Crepes for lunch on a weekday (weekends take way too long). Savory crepes are quite excellent and very "austinish"

              If you have the time and transportation, go to Cafe Bleu in Volente - excellent patio and view.

              Go to Ski Shores one night. Not great food, but usually a band playing and again, a good Austin vibe.

              Go get a beer at Gingerman. It's a wonderful place, but sadly it's been bought to make yet ANOTHER souless condo complex.

              Go to Chuy's on Barton Springs. Get the chuychanga or the mexi-cobb. If you're super-hungry get the steak burritio or Elvis chicken. Have a rita or two. (wait can be long on weekend nights)

              Go to Uchi if you can afford it, but don't do the tasting menu.

              Yes, go have a beer at Draught House.

              Go to Freddie's Place on South First - VERY Austiny. Chicken fried chicken isn't half bad, but where else can you listen to a band, watch stupid pet tricks, play washers under a magnificant oak tree. Think they even serve free bbq on Wed or Tues?

              Go to Polvo's for breakfast, but get the fajitas (guajillo are my fav) or the enchiladas de la casa. Don't go at night.