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Jul 17, 2008 06:17 PM

Restaurants near IKEA

My hubby and I are decorating our new condo and spending many weekends driving to IKEA and after spending hours each time we get hungry. We've already eaten at IKEA twice. There has to be decent food near there without going to a chain or spending big bucks. Please help!

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  1. About 10 miles away is a great Vietnamese
    Pho 79
    7849 Pines Blvd.
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

    1. Are you referring to the Orlando IKEA, or the South Florida one? Because that will really make a huge difference.

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        I completely forgot that there was another one! The one in Orlando.

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          You're kind of in chain hell, but you can take I-4 east to eat tapas at Ceviche on Church Street in downtown Orlando, or take Colonial Drive west from downtown to our Vietnamese neighborhood full of great restaurants (my personal favorites are Lac Viet and Little Saigon). The Amelia exit will get you to both, maybe 10 minutes east of the Conroy exit you take to get to IKEA.

      2. If it's the Sunrise location, there's Woodlands, a great vegetarian Indian restaurant, in Lauderhill.

        1. There's a bunch of places near I-Drive if you don't mind the drive. Here's two that I suggest:

          Oyaji Japanese Cuisine (just google it the link is too long)
          It's about 10 mins just avoid I-4 during rush hour. They open at 5:30pm Mon-Sat I think unless they changed their hours again.

          Thai Thani Restaurant (located further down on I-Drive)

          1. Thanks for posing this question. The Spousal Unit and I will be making our 6th trip to the Orlando Ikea from St Petersburg (kitchen remodel) sometime this week.

            We ate twice at a chain looking something Brew House just before turning right to Ikea but after the Conroy exit turnoff. It's ok for burgers, and it beats the HECK out of standing in line in Ikea for 30 minutes to eat cafeteria food.

            We'll be exploring the options you uncover.


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              Note to self: read Chowhound before you leave the house if there is any possibility you might dine out.