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Jul 17, 2008 06:13 PM

New Lauderdale hibachi site??

Anybody tried Kenkou on Cypress Creek Road/Dixie? I dropped by for a menu. Looked clean and nice. Anybody tried the sushi or hibachi?? The staff was nice and the prices seemed really reasonable. They have like four hibachi tables. The takeout menu says the guy who owns it was a Benihana chef. I'm dying to try it. Its at 952 Cypress Creek Road on the south side just west of Dixie in a relatively yucky strip mall. Their number is 954-202-3424.

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  1. not yet but sounds promising. kids always like a good show.

    1. How do the prices look? for dinner how much is the cheapest hibachi dinner with show? Less than Benihani?

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        Much cheaper. Almost $10 less on most choices than Benihana. But remember the place is tiny. So they are probably just trying to draw in people. The strip mall could be a deterrent to some. Let's hope it is tasty and sticks around!!

      2. We found this place by accident and am so glad we did! The chef/owner was at one time Benihana's chief chef and he trained other chefs and was later recognized as "Chief Chef of the Year". So needless to say, the food is like Benihana right down to the ginger dressing and garlic veggie or chicken fried rice. Everything is fresh and so delicious..BUT the prices are a fraction of Benihana. The hibachi chicken which included garlic fried veggie rice, large salad with ginger dressing and stir fried vegetables with sesame seed was only $6.95!! The main dish course was smaller then Benihana but enough food trust me. My husband had hibachi filet mignon ($11.75 & includes the above) and it was excellent and a good cut of meat according to him. The owner's wife greets you at the door like a long-lost relative and is very attentive. This duo run a wonderful establishment (very small, only 8 or 9 tables). He cooks hibachi style behind the counter, not at 'hibachi tables', but you can view through the glass. We shared a Shrimp Tempura roll - delish. No liquor on premises but maybe BYO? Sushi/Sushimi only $1.25-$2.00 piece. The value for the meal you get is unprecedented in S. Fla. We will go back again and again and again. Take out too

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          Awesome!! I'll have to check it out soon and am going to tell my neighbors! Thanks.

          1. re: ChowShoe

            There are only 9 tables...DON'T tell your neighbors! Report back if you go. Thanks

        2. Okay. Tried Kenkou tonight. One word. Yummy. The prices were really reasonable. The fried rice, veggies, salad dressing and ginger sauce were incredibly reminscent of Benihana. The owners are very kind and friendly. But the food?? Great and at an amazing price. Our chicken hibachi was less than $10 and the chicken/shrimp combo wasn't much more. I sure hope it sticks around. Go try it for yourself. You'll really like it!