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Jul 17, 2008 06:01 PM

help me find good chow on my drive...

Driving from Philly to Boston- looking for great food finds (meals & snacks) anywhere on the way.

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  1. it is late i am tired from my drive from ocean city md. to cape cod. so here is one. super duper weenie in fairfield, ct. ok i lied 2. frank pepes also in fairfield ct. enjoy

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    1. re: Amer5858

      I second Super Duper Weenie. Lots of great stuff in New Haven (Louie's, Pepe's, Sally, Modern, etc) which is 2 min off 95. People like Vernon's off 84 in CT. The Charlton Diner on Rt. 20 off the Mass Pike/90 is good. The latter two won't do you any good tho if you take 95 all the way.