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Food I ate & would return to NY for..

15 Fooditems/dishes I would go back to NY for and eat again..(No order)

1) Abraco Olivecookie(shortbread)(odd but amazingg saltysweet)
2) Sullivan St Bakery Donut w. vanilla cream(Bombolini)
3) Inoteca toad in a whole w. egg, fontina cheese, truffle and spragus
4) Inoteca eggplant parm
5) Serafina truffle white pizza
6) Gottino Egg in camici w. tomato, basil, pecorino
7) Morandi Pastry basket(pistachio sweet bread, dried fruit & walnuts focaccia, grape focaccia, sugar donuts, ricotta fritters w. pine nuts and raisins)
8) Sarabeths lemon ricot pancakes
9) I forgot the name of this place but it was 81st stish Fig gnochi w. tallegio
10) Fig and olive salad w cheeses
11) Babbo pumpkin lune raviolis
12) Craftbar tallegio w. hazelnuthoney fondue
13) Tomoe all sushi amazing
14) La escina mexican truffle, roasted corn, epazote, mushrooms, queso oaxaca quesedilla
15) Artichoke pizza (classic or w artichoke dip)

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  1. Rice to Riches--lemon, raspberry, mango, chocolate chip....rice puddings

    1. In no particular order:

      Pork buns at Ssam
      Tangerine sorbet at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
      Anything at Yasuda, but particularly the Peace Passage oysters and the eel selections
      Lobster roll and fried oysters at Pearl Oyster Bar
      Salmon with raw tomato and Salmon with cooked tomato at Gari
      Croissant/Pain au Chocolat from Claude's (only first thing in the morning)
      Deep fried fig stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in prosciutto (Coco Pazzo)
      Duck egg with mojama at Casa Mono
      Mushroom croquetas at Boqueria
      Duck confit and mushroom quesadilla from Itzocan Bistro (and anything there with huitlacoche)
      Mussels and frites from Cafe Bruxelles
      Parmesan from Di Palo

      Will add if anything else comes to mind ....

      1. Saigon Banh mi
        Babbos lambs tongue
        Blue Ribbons bone marrow

        1. 1) Xiao long bao from Nice Green Bo
          2) Manchurian cauliflower at Devi
          3) Buffalo wings at 1849
          4) Bergamoni at Angel's Share
          5) Chile relleno at Mesa Grill
          6) Lox at Barney Greengrass
          7) Philadelphia Truffle at Alta
          8) Crispy pork at Sripraphai
          9) Spaetzle at Alto
          10) Pork pie at Myer’s of Keswick
          11) The Woody Allen at Carnegie Deli
          12) Crabcake corndogs at Stanton Social
          13) Meat pie at Tuck Shop
          14) Mondongo at El Castillo de Jagua
          15) Korean buffet at Woorijip
          16) Num paeng at Kampuchea
          17) Brunch at good
          18) Lamb at Butter
          19) Ox tongue and tripe at Grand Sichuan\

          1. These are the foods I find myself craving to trip after trip since moving away:

            Difara Pizza
            Patsy's Pizza
            Falafel and (especially) hummus at Azuri
            Falafel and hummus on laffa at Olympic Pita
            Roomali rolls
            Burgers at Burger Joint
            Bagels at Murray's

            1. You lost me right at Tomoe sushi....

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              1. re: kobetobiko

                Does that mean you have a love for tomoe or a hate?

              2. By no means a complete list...

                Momofuku pork buns at Momofuku
                Lamb burgers at Xian Stall
                Duck with egg and mojama at Casa Mono
                Chocolate hazelnut gelato at Grom
                Blackout and Tres leches donut at Donut Plant
                Freshly made steamed cheung fun with dried shrimp and Chinese sausage at 160 E. Broadway
                Santa Barbara uni at Yasuda
                Fish tacos at Mercadito
                Artichoke slice at Difaras
                Potato pizza at Sullivan Street Bakery
                Salmon cornets at Per Se
                Nutter Butters at Bouchon Bakery
                Five Napkin Burger at Five Napkin Burger
                Double stack at Shake Shack
                DB Bistro Burger at DB Bistro
                Samosa chat at Spicy Mina's
                Palak paneer at Spicy Mina's
                Duck dumplings at Dim Sum Go Go
                Falafel at Azuri
                Chocolate espresso brownies at Treats Truck (she doesn't always have them)
                Soft shelled crabs with mango at Sripraphai
                Patatas Bravas at Casa Mono
                Special ramen at Ippudo
                White Castle (sans pickle) at White Castle
                Popiah at Taste Good
                Roti canai at Nyonya
                Shrimp watercress dumplings at Sweet n Tart
                Braised fish with bean curd at Spicy and Tasty

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                1. re: Miss Needle

                  Initially I was daunted by the breadth of your New York experiences, but then more awed. Any list that can CHer that can appreaciate Per Se and White Castle in the same list is one I admire! Perhaps I will take your recommendation on Spicy and Tasty after services this morning!

                  1. re: JungMann

                    Ha ha. White Castle is indeed a culinary treasure that can be appreciated by the most discriminating of palates. : )

                    Just wanted to mention that if you're going to Spicy and Tasty today, I had problems finding that fish and bean curd dish on the menu last time I was there. So the menu may have changed. But it's served in a chafing dish on the table.

                    If you haven't done so, you really should try to lamb burger at the Xian stall at 41-28 Main Street. Best $2.50 you'll ever spend.

                2. No matter how small my student budget becomes, I always scrimp and save for:

                  - the Super Heeb at Russ & Daughters
                  - pastrami, mustard, rye and lots of pickles at Katz's
                  - two dogs with sauerkraut and a banana drink at Gray's Papaya
                  - schwarma sandwich at Azuri Cafe
                  - the dumplings right next to the LIRR station in Flushing
                  - happy hour at Lure Fishbar
                  - chicken/lamb combo platter on 53rd & 6th, extra hot sauce
                  - an order of roast pork at Big Wong
                  - cubano at Margon, with extra green spicy sauce
                  - bagel at Ess-A with their scallion tofu spread
                  - the Picante sandwich at Despaña
                  - and -- I don't care how trendy this has become -- I love the plain froyo at 40 Carrots.