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adzuki bean ideas

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I bought some. They are soaking. I believe that tomorrow I am going to cook them smoky-hot with chipotle en adobo, I think, and some chile and cumin (based on a D Madison Smoky-Hot Anasazi Bean recipe) and I think I'll toss in some coconut milk at the end, maybe.

But I'd like other ideas. I know how to prepare pintos, black beans, garbanzos, etc but I've never worked with adzukis and I notice people on other threads referring to them as "sweet adzukis." Hmmmm. I would like some tips, should anyone be in the mood to offer ideas.

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Honestly when I saw adzuki beans in your title I thought cupcakes.

    Cupcake Bakeshop is no more, but she made some cupcakes filled with it and they looked fantastic:

    Check it out and see what you think.

    1. When I was living in Japan I lived on rice balls that simply contained adzuki beans and black sesame seeds. They filled me up and I have since recreated the snack with much success.

      1. We pressure cook adzukis with brown rice to eat with stir fry.

        1. You can make a sweet dessert soup with them that is cooling in the summer. In the winter, it's great heated w/ mochi balls. I also love freezing the soup and making popsicles. Depending on the version, you can add coconut milk but I don't. Or orange peel but I'm a purist and like it plain.


          There's adzubi bean paste, too, which is used in dessert (though I like to eat it by itself). You can stuff puff pastry, home made dough (flaky is great), layer in pancakes, use in mochi balls.


          1. I put soaked adzukis in my rice cooker w/ brown rice.

            I also make red bean soup w/ tangerine peel (it's slightly sweet porridge)

            1. Sweet might refer to sprouted adzukis. Some of the starch is converted to sugar. They are one the best things to sprout at home: easy, responsive, crunchy, and quite appealing to people who hate alfalfa or mung sprouts.

              1. Cooked with tons of sugar, cooled and poured on top of shave ice with sweetened condensed milk or sugar water. My favorite Japanese carnival treat. Kintoki...