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Jul 17, 2008 03:57 PM

Driving from SF to Portland - Redding for Lunch?

Hello all -

I'm going to be driving with a couple friends from San Francisco to Portland next Friday (going to the Oregon Brewers Festival). I figure we'll leave SF by 9 or so in the morning, and was looking for some lunch recs on the way up.

Is Redding a reasonable place to stop for a quick bite? Anything in particular recommended there? Doing a little searching, I find a lot of complaints about the number of chain restaurants there - would want to avoid those, if possible!

Or, if that's too far (Google maps says 5 hours to Redding, not sure how accurate that is), any place else along the way that would be recommended?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wow, there's not much food on this stretch of road. And even less if you rule out chains! 5 hours seems long. I guess it depends on where you start. We usually figure 4.5 to the bay.

    If you take the time to view/walk across the Sundial Bridge (do it!), you can get quick eats at the Turtle Bay Cafe at the foot of the bridge. It's not far from I-5, and is a quick walk with lovely views and a stunning design.

    Not far from the Bridge is Thai Cafe, they are open for lunch and do tasty Thai.
    Good family-style mexican food is at Guadalajara on Cypress Avenue about 1/2 mile west of I-5.
    People enjoy Buz's crab stand - I personally don't care for it, but many posters have been pleased.
    Sushi at Kampai on Lake Boulevard.
    Good, large, interesting salads (but slow service) at Cheesecakes Unlimited on East Cypress.
    Carnegies and Old MIllhouse Deli both make nice lunches with good sandwiches, but aren't so close to the freeway.

    Coffee and sandwiches at Sue's Java Cafe.
    Most of these places can be mapped online, but please let me know if you want more details.

    If you want to push on for an additional 45 miles past Redding, the Cornerstone in Dunsmuir is a treat, as are several places in Mt. Shasta (60 miles) - look for the Mt. Shasta threads.

    When you get to Portland, don't forget to stop by Ken's Artisan Pizza!

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      The way things go, of course, I forgot to bring this list with me. We did check out the Sundial bridge, but then got a bit lost, and ended up in the middle of a bunch of chains. Had a pretty forgettable burger at Red Robin.

      However, we did eat that evening at Ken's Artisan Pizza in Portland. Wow, some of the best pizza I've had. Thanks for the rec, it was a great end to a long day of driving!

      1. re: nsheth

        Forgettable...that about says it. We had the same experience. We wanted to try "something different" on a pass through Redding. It was different...we'd never been to a Red Robin, and can't say I'd stop by there again! LOL! We're headed up that way tomorrow, and I was hoping against hope that there was something new and exciting going on...even Black Bear Diner in Mt. Shasta was closed our last trip through. Will definitely report back when we get back.