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Jul 17, 2008 03:38 PM

special 65th Bday dinner - something different

I have been to every top restaurant in NY and so has my father. We want to do something special for his 65th bday. Aside of Philip Marie does anyone have a suggestion for something a little different (maybe somewhere where we could eat in a kitchen or wine cellar and have a special dinner prepared for us). Cost is unimportant. chowhounds please hellp

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  1. You don't say how many will be attending this celebration -- an important factor. But here are a few suggestions.

    The chef's enclosed skybox at Daniel is located above the kitchen, so that you can see directly down onto what's happening there. It accommodates 4 people. It's available for Monday through Wednesday. Eight-course tasting menu. Cost: $1,000. (Info via a Google search)

    At per se, you can reserve the small private dining room, which seats up to 10. The cost is a flat $2800, which includes the gratuity but not wine and tax. (I've inquired about this.)

    Oceana, which Bruni just (re)awarded 3 stars, has a wine cellar. Acc. to the website, it seats up to 24 guests, and there is a minimum cost of $2,000.

    1. I like the wine cellar at Blue Ribbon in the west village. It seats a group of 10 pretty easily. Also really like Blue Hill at Stone Barns in westchester, for great ingredients fresh off the farm where the restaurant is located, tasting menu w/ wine pairing. Enjoy the night!

      1. we will be four people. These are great suggestions. Any others are welcome. I will make some calls

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          How about Gordon Ramsey at the London? I haven't been, but have heard really good things about the food, and they have a chefs table that seats up to 8. (I just looked online, and it's also very expensive - looks like $1900 for 8 courses fo "up to 8", which I assume means it's not less if you have fewer people.)

          I also really loved Blue Hill at Stone Barns, but have heard others say they thought the menu complexity wasn't worth the money.