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Jul 17, 2008 03:38 PM

Bottles for Homebrew ?

What are the best types of bottles to use for homebrew ? I did a batch a few years back and used Grolsch bottles but I no longer have them. They are expensive to collect. Any suggestions ?

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  1. Long ago I would haunt champagne brunches and ask someone at the restaurant to save a few cases of cheap champagne bottles for me. They take a standard crown cap.

    1. Any non twist-off bottles will do, I prefer brown

      1. The bigger the better was my preference when I bottled. Bought some old 1 liter swing tops from this place in Marlboro, MA

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          My fave is the 22 oz Rogue bottles. No paper label to soak off and quicker to fill than 12 oz.

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            I mostly keg now, but when I want to bottle something up off the tap to give to friends, I don't even bother soaking the labels off anymore. Waste of time - especially if they just throw the bottles out anyway.

        2. Definitely brown and big. I used to pick up cases of longnecks from some nameless bar that were mine for the cleaning. (Must have been before the bottle-deposit law in Maine.) Washing 'em was a trip--cigarette butts, condoms, mold in every color of the rainbow--but filling and capping all those 12-oz bottles takes forever.

          You can get brown swing-top ("Grolsch") bottles in larger sizes from homebrew supply shops, if you're willing to pay. Or check out the import shelves at the beer store; at least you get to drink before you bottle! I finally switched over to the Party Pig mini-keg system, which keeps 1.5 gallons on tap in each PET plastic 'pig', and I keep some brown swing-tops for sharing.

          Check it out:

          1. In the day of the returnable logneck, getting beer bottles was so easy. Now I find myself buying plain bottles

            The problem with buying beer bottles and having them shipped is that shipping costs can kill ya. But then I found this place where they will ship any size order for $6.99. Bought three cases of the 22 ounce bottles...


            They also have swing types.