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Jul 17, 2008 03:34 PM

Wine Cottage Bistro Orcutt

We had a wonderful meal last Friday at the Wine Cottage Bistro in Orcutt. The restaurant is very cute inside, and the noise level is busy but tolerable. There were many good sounding salads and appetizers on the menu, but the entrees came with small salads so we didn’t try anything extra. I had the juniper berry duck breast on sundried tomato polenta with chard and a yummy sauce. My husband had the pork tenderloin with sweet potato puree, chard and another great sauce. The food was nicely presented. The portions weren’t huge, but there was plenty. We had room for dessert and saw many good looking ones being served around us. I had the caramel apple tart and he had the flourless chocolate cake. Both were very nice. We shared a half bottle of wine and the total without tax and tip came to $80. Very reasonable for that nice meal. There were many other good looking items on the menu and we look forward to going back and trying more. The wait staff was also very good, friendly, and informative. There was a locals feeling to the place.

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  1. another poster has reported it as being "closed". do you have any information?


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      Jane, I only know what we were told while calling on the road. Perhaps I am wrong. But I am reporting to the best of my ability, and I appreciate you and all others in getting the true information.

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        Googled it and it seems it has become Trattoria Uliveto. Here is a link to a blog describing it:

        1. re: Babette

          Babette: thanks for adding the poignant blog post. That must have been an emotional dinner for the previous restaurant's owners. Very gracious of them to post about the new place. Makes me want to go there asap.

          I hope we central coast hounds can support this restarant. I've got a 60th coming up in December. It'd be fun to commorate it with a chowdown at Trattroia Uliveto.

          1. re: toodie jane

            A central coast chowdown - count me in. I heard us once called the 'Platinum Coast", this gorgeous chunk of real estate between LA and SF. We are excelling in wine and food and setting, in an old fashion California way. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hate to see our secret ruined ................. but I have so appreciated you other central coaster chowhounders (CCC's) for your tips which have broadened my appreciation for what is in my own backyard and have already provided many an appreciated road trip.

            I think it started with Polar Bear's laudatory post a few years back about Matthew's at the Paso Robles airport - huh, I said, fine dining in Paso? Little did I know how behind the times I had become when all I could associate with Paso dining was the old church converted into a Lake Naciomento roadhouse called Jasper'.

            1. re: glbtrtr

              You folks are lucky, indeed. That's why we visit as often as we can. Thanks for all the input which has made our trips delicious.

            2. re: toodie jane

              I'm not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread or in the links, but Uliveto is a partnership, and one of the partners is Alfonso Curti, who was the chef for many years at Trattoria Grappolo, in Santa Ynez.
              Now he has a place of his own.