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Jul 17, 2008 03:07 PM

Mexican without cilantro in SF?

hi all,

this is unconscionable, i know. but a friend just moved to the bay area from los angeles, and she can't stand cilantro. one of her favorite places to eat there was tito's tacos (, which doesn't put cilantro on their tacos or in their salsa. is there any place like this in sf?


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  1. Are you looking for a Tito's Tacos-style taco or just something without cilantro?

    Without cilantro, I'd try the taco trucks. For instance, at the El Tonayense trucks around the city you can ask them to give you tacos with just meat - no condiments. I'm not sure if the salsas (there are 2 types) have cilantro, but if not she could just eat the pickled jalapenos and carrots for spice.

    But ... those tacos are nothing like Tito's.

    You could try Primavera at the FP Farmers Market. They make lots of things to order, and it would be easy to explain to them that you don't want cilantro.

    I am not sensitive to cilantro, so may be wrong about this, but I feel like it's easy(-ish) to get dishes with no cilantro. The bigger issue is the salsa.

    Mi Lindo Yucatan on Valencia could easily leave cilantro off their meat dishes (ie., Poc Chuc, Carne Asada) if they have it on there at all. And their beans, etc are Yucatecan style which seems to use less cilantro.

    1. ...she is not alone, it's the devil's weed.

      El Tonayense rocks. Just ask for no cilantro and they'll do it no problem. The chunky salsa has it in it but the other blended types they have are awesome and I've never been able to detect any cilantro in them.

      1. Burrito Factory in San Jose (might be a mini-chain down there, not sure) has chile colorado as a burrito option that I remember being pretty similar to Tito's.

        1. Nick's Crispy Taco in the Marina serves up the fried tortilla shell like Tito's...except Nick's is bad and it will piss off a Tito's fan...close to $5 bucks for a taco and just not very good. Frankly I'd go to Jack in the Box first.

          A sure bet for no cilantro...Jack in the Box, Taco Bell or just ask for no salsa at all and put it on yourself at the salsa counter.

          BTW, cilantro is secret plot developed by the Latin Asian Restaurant Association.

          1. thanks for all the replies so far! i should clarify-- i think my friend liked tito's primarily because they don't use cilantro in their salsa, not just that she liked their tacos. she does ask for no cilantro in the dishes, but it's hard to find cilantro-free salsa. is there any place locally that has a blended-style salsa similar to tito's?