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Jul 17, 2008 02:59 PM

Bouchon (LV)- wines by the glass?

Does Bouchon have a bar where a couple could get bite and wines by the glass? I can't tell from their website.

Any recommendations for a places with a nice by the glass list?

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  1. Have you tried calling Bouchon to answer your questions? You may want to check out Mon Ami Gabi. If you have a car, Grape Street Cafe.

    1. I'm pausing my boycott of this site for a brief moment to reply to your post. I get irritated when people answer questions with questions. That usually indicates that they don't know the answer to you question. The answer to you question is yes. Bouchon does have a top-quality by-the-glass program. Most of the choices are French, but I do remember a couple Cali offerings. They serve wine in proper stemware which these days says a whole bunch. The menu is well-suited for ordering appetizers and pairing wines. In my far from humble opinion, Bouchon is far more creative and well-executed than Mon Ami Gabi. That's not a knock on MAG however; Bouchon is the real deal.

      1. I have ridden Bouchon's bar many times!!!! I have enjoyed many different wines by the glass with my Steak Frite. Good service, good wine, ok steak and just fries out of the bag for the Frite (They need to improve on this in my opinion)

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          I'll second you on the steak frite -- pretty mundane, mine was underseasoned to the point that I wondered if the cook had forgotten the salt. Living in Phoenix, I kept thinking Zinc Bistro blows this place out of the water.

          1. re: Hombre

            I have been eating Steak Frite every place I travel and Zinc Bistro has without question the best Steak Frite I have eaten anywhere (including New York and Paris)

            1. re: duck833

              My BF & I ate there before our Blue Man Group show about 2 weeks ago. He had the rak of lamb special and liked it so much he forgot to share it with me! Our waiter was excellent and recommended a great wine by the glass for him. He could have upsold a high priced wine but offered him a very reasonable priced wine which my BF said went very well with the lamb. I had a sip and it was a lovely choice. Peppery and had a nice bite to stand up to the lamb. I had the Steak Frites and wasn't really impressed. Perhaps it was because the day before I had a Japanese Kobe Beef Filet at Prime. Ahh... I will say that the SImple Green Salad with Herbs was so delicious and the signature Bouchon Brownie Bites (don't know what the actual name is) are yummy. I didn't see them on the dessert menu but we've had them before at Bouchon in NYC and asked and they were happy to comply. THe mint chocolate ice cream was incredible and tasted like freshly picked mint (which I'm sure it was).

          2. re: duck833

            'I have ridden Bouchon's bar many times' ...hee hee
            I have as well..not as many times as duck but I prefer the bar over the restaurant..
            we had champagne and moules avec frite's..if you can find it in the V, it is the most insane place to find..especially when you have been drinking.
            The menu is printed in the smallest font known to man and with the low lighting, there is no way you are able to read the menu unless you are part of the hawk family!