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Best winery tour/tasting at Niagara/Niagara-On-The-Lake?

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My in-laws are coming to town for visiting. I'd like to take them to Niagara/Niagara-On-The-Lake for a winery tour/tasting. Any suggestions?

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    1. On the Beamsville Bench I enjoyed Flat Rock for the tour and the pinot is great. Malivoire is a beautiful winery with interesting buildings and great tasting room. Lenko's wines rock - no tour but a very interesting experience to try wine in his kitchen and his dad sells nice jam. Thirty Bench has awesome wine and nice little building.

        1. We sailed into NOTLSC with friends and took a wine tour taxi around. $70 per hour. I would have to say that I enjoyed the smaller places ie Strewn, Lainley, Coyote's Run etc as they provided personal service and no wine tasting fee if you purchased wine. We went to Inniskillin and it was very commercial and they sold us a $3 92 cab from their cellar that was dreadful. Had a great time.

          1. Thanks to you all! This is very informative.

            1. Just an update on Daniel Lenko Winery. I saw him on Sunday and his tasting room is now closed for the season.

              1. Just returned from Vineland - stayed at Bullfrog Pond B&B which is walking distance from Ridgepoint and Tawse, not too far from Vineland. Featherstone has an interesting outdoor tour regarding use of lambs to remove leaves at the bottom of the vines. At Rosewood, the Queen Bee herself gave us a tour of their apiary and winemaking facilities. Tried their Mead (honey wine) which was very tasty.Tawse was also happy to oblige us with a tour of their gorgeous building. All three were conducted by such friendly people, the first 2 were given by the winery owners. Flat Rock - what a fantastic view from their patio.
                Bought lots of wine not available at LCBO - thanks CH for this tip and many others, we had a fantastic weekend! Only negative was the extremely slow QEW traffic.

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                  Thanks for the report, Mellie. The QEW traffic is worse than usual this year because of the construction. Anyone heading to Niagara wine country, especially the Beamsville/Vineland/Jordan area, would be well-advised to leave the QEW at Stoney Creek or Winona and take Regional Highway 81 (old Highway 8), which runs parallel to the QEW. It's a much more relaxing drive, and you'll pass by (or drop into!) dozens of wineries along the route.

                2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/433004
                  these are just my opinions, but....

                  for the "big winery experience" or your first time, HIllebrand or Triggs.

                  for architecture and wine so good cry over the prices: stratus

                  for a nice personal one-on-one experience and AMAZING whites: Flat Rock Cellars and Fielding estates.

                  for a quick affordable excellent lunch in jordan village: Zooma Zooma Cafe

                  for reds: Marynissen and