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Just went to Sonoma for lunch with my daughter who is visiting from California. We had the Mendocino Salad, a chicken pesto pizza with goat cheese, and the hanger steak. My daughter ordered the steak medium rare and it came out Pittsburgh. The chicken on the pizza was dry and chewy. The salad was a pile of mixed greens with a carrot ribbon on top for $9.00.

My ex, Katie's dad, owns several well known restaurants in Sonoma County, California including a steak house. I have worked in many DC area restaurants including Bob Kinkead's first venture on L street. She says this is the worst hanger steak she has ever had.

The busboys didn't attempt to keep our water glasses filled on this terribly humid day with sub-par air conditioning in the restaurant. The best thing about our meal was the dessert, a chocolate dulche de leche tart. The crust was a bit too hard, but the filling was delicious. I heard a different waiter tell his table about a dessert special that we were not informed of. All in all, a very disappointing $110 lunch including 2 glasses of wine and tip.

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  1. Thanks for the review..will keep this mind. We had plans to visit but I think I will change my reservation to another restaurant all together.