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Jul 17, 2008 02:32 PM

Century City Thursday Farmers' Market - What's Good?

I just got back from the Thursday Farmers' Market in Century City. Not a whole lot of produce - mostly vendors selling lunch. I picked up a chicken kabob and hummus plate at the Greek vendor. Much to my (pleasant) surprise, it was quite good. Certainly much better than any of the fare available at the food court at the Westfield mall or the horrid food available at the Century Plaza Towers food court (the Stand, Piknic, Habanero Grill, Cuvee - bleeh).

So I was wondering, are any of the other food stands at the Farmers' Market good? I wish the Farmers Market was in Century City every day. Working in Century City is like, "food, food everywhere and not a drop to eat." Craft is great, but you don't exactly pop into Craft every day for a quick cheap lunch.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! On days when I don't bring my lunch, I'd rather skip the meal altogether than spend any money on mediocre overpriced sandwiches and salads. Very frustrating.

    But, back to your original question.
    o The Thai-Mexican stand is pretty good -- we usually get 1 or 1A, which is the chicken or chicken breast combo. It's $8 and you get a drink too.

    o The persian (?) two stands down is not that great, though I can't remember what I had that made me think that. My colleague frequently gets crepes from that stand, though, and she says they are good.

    o The tamales stand also is very good, but stay away from the pineapple one if you don't like your tamales oddly sweet. The tamales are $3-4 each I think.

    o The Hawaiian chicken BBQ place is really good, but only if you get the "large" -- the small is merely a quarter chicken on some white rice; it really is not worth the $5 they charge. For a few bucks more, you get more chicken, rice, and salad.

    o Bacon wrapped hotdog stand -- it's been ages since I've had one, but they are what they say they are. I don't recall the pricing on these.

    o Finally, I've had the empanadas over near the baked goods (opposite side of the other food stalls), and while I find the breading much too thick, they are decent as well. The chicken is good, as is the spinach. I had the corn empanada once, and it was basically an empanada stuffed with corn, which was very strange to me at first, then I started to like it. Each one is $4, though you get a slight discount if you order more than one. Also, if you are gunning for these, go there first, place your order, do your shopping, and then come back. They make these to order, so it can take a while for yours to be ready.

    1. The only thing I miss about lunch in Century City is Mrs. Winston's. Man, what I would give to have one of those downtown...

      1. re farmers' market:
        the mexican place is good - i've only had the tacos which are quite tasty. i usually skip the beans/rice; $5 for 3 tacos.

        the thai-mex is ok.

        the greek is also ok - but i thought the price $8 was kind of steep.

        the tamale place is very good.

        the cobler place is great as well.

        re century city in general:

        mrs. winston's is yummo.
        i like the salad bar and the sandwich shop in gelson's.
        clementine is great.

        1. I drop in occasionally and was there yesterday. The Hawaiian chicken is excellent, but it's true what Queequeq says about portion size: the lunch plates aren't very big for the price--which is a cardinal sin in Hawaiian restaurants, but I guess they figure this is west LA where everyone is or should be on a diet :-) . I picked up a "full tray" of chicken for our family's dinner; $16, and it really wasn't a lot of chicken.

          For my own lunch I tried a couple of empanadas--the bacon & mushroom was very good, the beef was OK but not as good as Empanada's Place on Venice & Sawtelle. Also one little chicken samosa from the stand next to the Argentinian one, which was spiced pretty well but otherwise just OK.

          The cobbler stand looks great but so far I have found their offerings to be just OK, probably not really worth the calories. Haven't tried them all, though.

          And I can only echo what everyone else says about the rest of the offerings in CC: other than Mrs. Winston's (which can be very expensive for a salad bar if you're not careful) there just ain't much that's great. Nothing in the food court wows: Coral Tree can be acceptable, Surabal (Korean) is occasionally OK but not always; Lawry's is a big disappointment on a price-to-quality basis. My wife reports having had a better than expected lunch at Rocksugar. We haven't tried Pink Taco yet.