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Best Papaya and Dog

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Just like all the different Ray's, there seem to be so many papaya-hot dog places in NYC. I'm coming into town in August, and I'd like to know what you all think is the best. Please help, 'hounds! Thanks!

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  1. I personally like the one on 86th and third (right next to sassy's sliders...)

      1. I prefer Papaya King to the rest of the Papaya places.

        1. papaya king (86th and 3rd) the original and the best

          all the rest are pale imitations to me

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            I have fond memories. Grays is very good but PK was always my favorite.

          2. Another vote for Papaya King

            1. Now that we've narrowed it down to Gray's in the Village and PK on 86th, I'm curious how people think the papaya drinks themselves compare between the two. After all, the NY Mag article linked below says the drink itself tastes like pizza - I guess that scores one for PK on 86th....

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                All use the same natural casing Sabrett all beef dog, despite Papaya King's claims of a special recipe dog with a secret spice. Some years ago I went to N.Y. to compare the 2 and I prefered Papaya King. It depends on what you get that particular day. Meaning one might be better because the particular dog was grilled sufficiently. Last time I went and compared, I liked the Gray's dog. It was fresher and the roll at PK fell apart. I'd say go to the place that is closer to you. As for drinks, Papaya King, in my opinion is better than Gray's.