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Jul 17, 2008 02:19 PM

1 st visit to azul 2 nite

it's our anniversary and i decided to try out azul i heard very good things about this place

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      i was impressed with the service i must say , they were very attentive. it seems as if they are all working as a team. however i did see one server talking on his cell phone in clear view of the customers , in front of the open aired kitchen. i guess i came in with very high expectations , so it was kind of a let down for me. i cant say that for these prices the food was the best i had...first i did the study of tuna.which is a trio tuna tartare,crabmeat wrapped in a cucumber.and the third i dont remember this was the least of my favorites... since i am comparing this dish to the tuna tartar at bourbon steak,which at 7 $ less is much better,same with my next appetizer steak and eggs a duo of tartare and was a very small portion and for the price not as good as bourbons.. next we shared the corvina ceviche , which was done in the traditional way served with an avocado puree and fried plantains on the side. this for me was the best dish of the night, and very well priced at only 16 $ , the server reccomended a very nice albarino to pair with the dish which was great. by the way we did wine by the glass . i tried to keep it under 400 $ for the 2 of us. next came the entrees . my wife had the rissotto, and i had the cast iron skillet prime rib which was served with a potato gnochi gratin. at 50 bucks i must say i plate was very much a succsess, on the other hand my wifes rissotto was the smallest i have ever seen, the flavors were good ,it had a nice saffron broth to it, it was just very small. i did a glass of grand puy lacoste pauillac with my dish, and my wife had a glass of argyle williamette pinot noir.. after all these dishes there was no room for dessert or coffee. overall i must say this is a good restaurant. however for the price , i prefer to go to trina in fort lauderdale very similiar dishes and a better view

      1. re: nikostoumbaios

        Sounds like a fair review.....I've eaten there several times and each time was a pleasure.......It's certainly one of the finer establshments in South Florida......


        1. re: nikostoumbaios

          I agree as well, fair review, and far prefer Trina (if you can make the drive). But, still a pleasant experience in Azul, just not mind blowing.