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Jul 17, 2008 02:05 PM

Last Minute Orlando - No Reservations

I am looking for a good last minute recommendation for the Orlando area tomorrow night. Going to be flying in and meeting someone for dinner.

Will be starting from Downtown Disney but does not have to be in Disney, I am willing to drive as far north as Downtown. Since I don't know when I will be actually arriving I need a place that does not need reservations (which strikes out a lot of places) without waiting hours and hour to get a seat.

Something kind of casual, the more homey the better. Friend is not too adventurous but I would like something a lttle different. Asian is out, as is Indian and Mexican for various reasons. I know there are a lot of suggestions on the board already, but there are too many choices and not enough tell me about what is good when you have no reservations.

P.S. Can't be too dressy, either. He's coming off work,and I will be getting off a plane.

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  1. Maybe Dexter's in Thornton Park? Food's only OK but it's a fun casual atmosphere, awesome sweet potato chips. Or Fifi's, also in Thornton Park. You could try Tavern on the Lake in MetroWest. Haven't been there since they got a new chef but it's a beautiful casual atmosphere, and I'm sure you'll get in. Closer to Disney you could try Cedar's for upscale Lebanese; I've never seen anyone have to wait.

    1. Cowboy ribeye at Vines Grille on Sand Lake Road. Or Johnnie's Hideaway has an amazing outside waterfront deck and very good food if the weather is nice, and it's very close to Disney.