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Jul 17, 2008 01:42 PM

Any good dinner place to celebrate in DC by 8th St NW and U ST NW?

My friend is new to the area and having her 30th birthday in DC. We would like to have a great dinner with out of town friends in the area around 8th St NW and U St NW. Are there any interesting, but not overly pricey restaurants in that area?

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  1. If you like Ethiopian, I'd go to Dukem if you had a big party, or Etete if you had a smaller party.

    1. Ulah Bistro is near there (pizzas, "American" food)... Vinoteca is at 11th & U - wine bar with small plates... Marvin, Creme, Coppi's, Bar Pilar, Cafe Saint Ex all several blocks away, closer to 14th & U.

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        I agree with all of these recommendations, especially Creme and Ulah. I hear Marvin is really good as well. And depending on how big your group is, maybe you can reserve a table at Cork, not too far off of U St.