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Jul 17, 2008 01:39 PM

[Hou] need recs for mid range, non ethnic restaurants around The Woodlands

Okay, here's the deal; we are going to spend a few days in The Woodlands/Spring area in the middle of August. My husband is a real plain eater (read picky) and I am trying to find some restaurants that please both of us. One place I plan to go to is Culver's. They have fried chicken, burgers, and pot roast (which he will fling the veggies out of). This is the type of food he likes. He also likes wings, tender beef fajitas, and steak and potato. I have looked at B-4-U-Eat and saw some interesting places that may work. And he loves breakfast. Here is the list:

Gringo's Mexican
Tortuga Cantina
White Flamingo
Olive Oil Restaurant
Texan Wild Burgers & Wings
The Egg & I

I know that most of these are chains, but I am not going to eat at a TGI Friday's, Denny's, or any of the other places he likes to frequent. Even if it is a chain, I have not been to any of them, so at least they are new to us.

No seafood, sushi, Italian, chinese or any other asian, and nothing "cutting edge." BORING, huh?

Any help will be appreciated, and I will report back toward the end of August.

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  1. I'll bet he would like Rudy's. It's a BBQ place on Louetta & Hwy 45

    Saltgrass and Steamboat House have great steaks, although those aren't *quite* in Spring, but close.

    Central Park deli and Potbelly's have good sandwiches if you like sandwiches. He should try the meatball sandwich at Potbelly's.

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    1. re: lazy_engineer

      thanks lazy! I am frankly sick to death of BBQ, and we have eaten at the Steamboat House (I reviewed it on this board) and Saltgrass, which is an okay place in my books. As far as sandwiches go, I love them, but he doesn't. And getting him to eat a meatball would be like feeding him sushi . . . not going to happen! If we get down to the wire we may try Rudy's.

    2. Dang! Can't you drop him and McDonald's for one meal, and I'll run out and meet you at Russo's New York Coal-Fired Pizza??


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      1. re: Dorothy

        You're funny Dorothy! Oddly enough McDonalds is one place he doesn't eat at, and I only do if I am trying to entertain the grandkids (great indoor playgrounds.) If they have plain pepperoni pizza at Russo's he might even want to go. He does like his pizza.

        1. re: danhole

          I am sure Russo's will make a pepperoni pizza. Remember, the crust is thin, and the toppings are not lavish. I happen to like it that way, but if your DH is expecting strings of cheese and mounds of pepperoni, I don't want him to be disappointed.

      2. I know you mentioned non-ethnic but you mentioned Gringo's. Another choice for Mexican is Casa Elena off of I-45 outside of The Woodlands. Great Tex-Mex! If you are up for a big expensive steak dinner, try Perry's in The Woodlands. If you can get past the horrible service, you'll enjoy the great food. I'm not one to frequent places with horrible food, but Perry's is one of only a handful of nicer restaurants in The Woodlands.

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        1. re: pizzaQTpie

          Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately Perry's is a bit too much for us to spend right now. We are already spending too much on a concert and hotel!

          1. re: pizzaQTpie

            Casa Elena is closed down for not paying sales tax.

          2. Did you see this and pass on it?


            I haven't been but I saw a good review somewhere recently. Also there should be a Pappasito's somewhere out that way for fajitas.

            I ate at a Tortuga once several years ago when just visiting. Even by my Tex-Mex standards at the time I thought it was mediocre.

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            1. re: CBob56

              I looked at Wunsche bros, menu and believe it or not, the only thing he would eat from that menu is a burger, and fires. Sad! I would love to try it, but if we have had a burger already I just don't have the heart to force another one on him. He gets tired of me dragging him to places so I can have something I want and the only item for him is a burger.

              We have eaten at the Tortuga in Galveston, and he was satisfied with it, but not my top choice. I'll look into Pappasito's, but I really don't like contributing to the Pappas empire. Ever since they took over some of our favorite places, and made them pricier and worse food, well . . .

            2. The original comment has been removed