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Jul 17, 2008 12:55 PM

Bin 26 Enoteca

Any thoughts on this spot in Beacon Hill? I've always enjoyed looking in the window and checking out the menu, and then recently a friend gave us a gift certificate. Has anyone been recently? Any don't miss dishes? Maybe the food is better suited for fall or winter? TIA for any thoughts/comments.

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    1. Go for the cheese plate and chocolate pasta. HUUUGE wine collection :) Enjoy!

      ps. I guess I would enjoy it more in the fall or spring than in the summer..

      1. I went a couple of months ago, and enjoyed it but haven't felt the need to go back. I had a sort of bistro-style steak (sliced over something I can't remember, served with really buttery okra) that I enjoyed. As I recall, others had lamb, scallops, and pork, and everyone enjoyed the entrees (we had had apps elsewhere). I do think the dishes were pretty substantial, so waiting to fall might suit better (unless they have a summer menu).

        1. Their wine list is fantastic, as is their carpaccio and arancini- though I would stay away from their entrees and enjoy their small plates. They have several fantastic cheese options that are VERY enjoyable.

          1. I would check out Bin 26 on Charles street. I love there wine list. Also the food is great. And the people there have always treated me very well. Hope you enjoy!

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              any insight on the menu as the OP asked?

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                i love bin 26. people seem not to realize that it is first a wine bar. that means the menu is designed to complement the vino. the concept behind the plates is simplicity -- nothing has more than 3 or 4 ingredients.

                i always do an app or 2 then cheese or meat. my only beef with the cheese (oops) is they serve it already sliced.

                the cheeses and salumeria are excellent. the cocoa pasta never disappoints. the bread is really good (from iggy's) and the service is always friendly and well-informed.