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Jul 17, 2008 12:37 PM

Mermaid Inn

Over-hyped or still worthy?

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  1. I haven't been to the uptown branch, but the W Vill Mermaid Inn has solid food in a nice space.

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    1. re: Lucia

      I went to the UWS Mermaid Inn and enjoyed the fried clams and lobster roll! The bread on the lobster roll wasn't the best but the lobster itself was delicious! The fried clams were cooked perfectly! Crispy and not greasy. I'd go back again.

    2. We tried it 2 weeks ago for the first time and thought it was great. It was a very early (6pm) saturday dinner, and everything was very pleasant and fast. The oysters were great and our entrees were very tasty. The lobster salad sandwich was definitely not tiny, as mentioned in a different thread. I think it's on a hamburger-sized roll.

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        Well said "very pleasant". The lobster roll is a sandwich, and not as good as Pearl or Mary's, but very good. I always head here when I'm craving a lobster roll but don't want to handle the wait at Pearl. The one downtown has 2 nice outdoor spots as well. I have not been to the uptown one as of yet.

        Note that they don't serve dessert though- they just give free chocolate pudding at the end.

      2. I still think the EV locale is great. MI has been getting a bum wrap on CH lately, but I don't agree. I'm a sucker for that lobster roll and any of their white wines. Great summer choice!

        1. I was recently at the UWS for brunch on the weekend and have to say, the eggs casserole was divine! I'm inspired to attempt my hand at preparing eggs in that manner.

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          1. re: kelea

            Finally moseyed on up to Mermaid Inn UWS for an early dinner last night. Beautiful evening and outdoor seating, so we were off to a good start. And everyone there is so friendly - we had our baby with us and they made every effort to fit us into what is a pretty samll outdoor eating area.

            On to the food (disclaimer: I haven't been to any of the comparable restaurants, except for the downstairs of BLT Fish, so I'm not going to be comparing versus anything)...

            My wife and I shared the fried clams, mussels, calamari salad, and gazpacho. I had the lobster "roll".

            Fried clams were nice and full bodied,coated in a light crunchy crust. And only lightly greasy. A huge plate that we struggled to finish. Mussels were very fresh and plump and didn't have a bad one in the lot, which is rare at most places. I couldn't stop soaking up the broth, asking multiple times for more of the grilled bread. The broth is rich with the flavor of the sea, without too much richness of butter or oil. Calamari salad was well executed, as the calamari was well grilled and just enough feta to impart some flavor without being to assertive, but kind of ignored in the smorgasborg of food we had. Gazpacho was a decent gazpacho, nothing special, but was chockfull of peekytoe crab.

            The lobster roll... Yum. Huge chunks of lobster, lightly coated in mayo, all stuffed in a brioche bun that was quite buttery. I almost would request it to not be buttered next time, but i really enjoyed this. My wife, who normally scorns lobster rolls, couldn't taking bites. And you can't go wrong with bay seasoned fries.

            Great meal, reasonable prices, beautiful weather.

            oh yeah, the pudding they serve is great. not too sweet, slightly bitter and just the right portion.

            1. re: FattyDumplin

              Thanks - I'm going to add "the Place" link since I'm curious about where it is - another place for us to try after an UWS movie.

              Mermaid Inn
              568 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10024

              1. re: MMRuth

                Must have crossed paths with FD last night as we were there too. Loved their fresh oysters (Eastern and Western) and Baked Trout. Excellent vinegar and red onion dipping mixture, much better than the red cocktail sauce that they also serve with it. Only a slight drawback is that it gets a bit noisy when crowded although that opinion was not shared by my SO.

                1. re: scoopG

                  ooh, i wanted oysters but we had too much other stuff. next time though. and the baked trout looked great. i'm also tempted to try the flatiron steak with the huge pile of mashed potatoes. seems like a waste to eat steak there but it did look pretty good.

                  1. re: scoopG

                    Sounds delicious - I didn't realize it was up at 88th Street - practically just across the park from us, which is even better - "en route" home from the movies!