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Jul 17, 2008 12:35 PM

Moving my daugter to Tallahassee: Tired of the old thread

Once again we're making the long drive to Tallahasse to take my daugher back to school. In the past, we've eaten at Kool Beanz and Cypress and many of the usual chains. The old Tallahassee thread is a bit tired, I's mostly about where "not to eat". I realize choices are limited, but can anyone help me broaden my horizon and find a couple new, decent and interesting places? We like all ethnic foods and price is not an issue...

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  1. One of the best ethnic is Sahara, serving Greek and Lebanese and middle Eastern dishes. It is right off Apalachee Parkway, near downtown. I also like Kool Beanz as well as Sage, which is north of I-10 behind Fresh Market. For pizza, I like Three Guys from NY, near campus and Decent, on North Monroe. Most of the local seafood is fried. There is not a good BBQ joint, nor a great steakhouse. I would avoid Chez Pierre. Tallahassee is not noted for its culinary prowess, as you will quickly see. Look at the following:
    also for Mozaik, which is good and finally one I have not tried: for downtown and oh, if you don't mind driving
    30 or so miles into Georgia, lots of us like Liam's, in downtown Thomasville...see

    1. I had a very good meal at Urbane a couple of weeks ago. I was somewhat surprised, given some of the "reviews" I've seen on here. We were a large group (10-12) and there was another large b-day party group there, which had to be a little bit challenging for the staff.

      They did a great job with service and the food was quite good. It was half-price wine night and our server was helpful in guiding our group toward some decent choices to pair with the food we ordered. I'd go back.

      A workmate was touting a place called Red Snapper, down on Crawforville Rd. I Googled it and couldn't find any info beyond the address. Workmate said the seafood was excellent and she doesn't eat fried food, so it isn't a typical Panhandle fish joint. I'd love to get more info as it might be a good place for me to meet DH for lunch.

      If you want to drive to Thomasville, Liam's is excellent and I'm a BIG fan of George & Louie's for casual seafood. If you try G & L's, get a glass of their Greek white wine. I can never remember the name of it. It's actually from Crete and is just excellent with seafood.

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        Thanks steakman55 and onrushpam for the info. I am looking forward to trying something new and I will let you know how it goes.

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          My suggestion is Reangthai. If you go save room for dessert. They have homemade coconut ice-cream w/ fried bananas, topped with honey. It's amazing! I

          I've had mixed experiences w/ Urbane. The last time I went I ordered salmon w/ stir-fry. I’ve had salmon there and enjoyed it but this time it was raw, REALLY raw. Also my companion ordered a pizza w/ capers. However, they put way too many capers on it and it was almost inedible.

          You might also want to try Clusters and Hops. It’s a small wine and cheese shop that serves lunch and dinner. FYI they do not take reservations.

          Also worth checking out are Sakura, Masa, and Kitcho. They serve sushi as well as other Asian dishes.

          If you’re up for something different (and VERY casual) there is a cart downtown in Kleman Plaza. That serves vegetarian soul food for lunch. I recommend the barbeque tofu sandwich (served everyday) and lasagna, served only on Fridays.

          Hope that helps. I’ll try to think of a few more places worth checking out.

      2. In the midtown area, on North Monroe, there's Masa's for Fusion-Asian and Sakura for creative Japanese appetizers and sushi. While it gets mixed ops on this board, IMO Food Glorious Food for Sunday brunch outside in nice weather can't be beat. There's an Indian restaurant, Essence of India, behind Olive Garden on Apalachee Parkway that is pretty decent and a gathering spot for Indians in the area, per my Indian neighbors. And if you want to go south 40 miles or so there's Avenue Sea in Apalachacola.

        1. And you're right, we should retire that old thread. it's so lackluster.

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            Thank goodness for this thread. Our son will be returning to FSU in August and we needed guidance as well. I have to add that our three trips to Masa have all been sensational. We are sushi eaters, howver, the last trip my sister was with us and was getting that very picked upon sour face when she realized her nephew had suggested a sushi place.

            She ordered a salmon (non sushi) meal and is still talking about it. Oh, and if you plan to visit your child on parent's weekend, make reservations. We ended up at Crystal River Seafood (after stops at virtually ever restaurant near campus) and are still talking and laughing about that "worst ofs" dining experience.

          2. Everything written thus far is on point. Also want to add China Delight on Tennessee Street as very good for tradtitional chinese. Angelos in Panacea is very good for seafood. Ave Sea, mentioned before is extraordinary but is 90 miles aways- not thirty (sadly). Rays Steel City is good for lunch (across from Tallahassee Mall on John Knox Road). I also love Teds Montana Grill (though a chain) on Capital Cirlce N.E. There is also a crepe place that people are raving about on Pensecola, near campus. Rest easy parents for the shopping and bar scene is just as bleak as the food scene!