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Jul 17, 2008 12:17 PM

Anniversary dinner, classic NY

Looking for the fanciest, most classically NY romantic restaurant for a special anniversary. Price not important but I'm after mood more than a price tag. If the atmosphere is there, skys the limit. Private room for 2? Even better...

Been to Gramercy Tavern, One if By Land, River Cafe. TOTG,

Its for later in the year, I want to reserve now and try to hustle "the best table".

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  1. La Grenouille - the remaining grande dame of classic French cuisine, with a beautiful room. They do have a private room upstairs, but it might not be intimate enough.

    Also - it depends on what you mean by romantic - other choices - Daniel, Bouley, EMP - but I really don't think of any of them as romantic, per se. Maybe Danube, though recent food reports aren't great.

    1. hmmm for some reason I can't read MMRuth's suggestion, but mine is La Grenouille!

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        As indeed was mine! It sounds like the poster's anniversary is a while off, but they are closed from Aug. 3 - Sept. 9th, and are booked the night of Sept. 9th, per their website.

      2. I know Phillip Marie has a private room in their wine cellar wher you can get the chef to do a special menu for you and you have your own waiter, etc. I've only been there for lunch though so I can't comment on this experience.

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          Based on our one experience at Philip Marie, I would not recommend it because the food was very disappointing..

        2. In support of MMRuth's suggestion (and others)
          Last year my wife and I went to La Genouille for our anniversary and it was superb - high class, impeccable, discreet service - oh and the food is good too. It really is the epitome of classic old-guard NYC restaurant.

          We've also successfully celebrated past anniversaries at: Per Se, Aureole, Bouley, Chanterelle, Eleven Madison Park and Gramercy Tavern.

          I've heard The Water Club is very romantic at night, but I've only had lunch there (I'm throwing it out there but wouldn't recommend it unless others post positively)