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Jul 17, 2008 11:59 AM

Korean near Elkins Park

I'm visiting a friend in Elkins Park for lunch. We would like to try Korean food. There are so many Korean restarants on and near Broad Street - Does anyone have a suggestion about which one we should try?

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  1. I am a total Korean food novice, but there is a great new Korean food court about the Han Ah Reum Market at 611 and Cheltenham Avenue. It has been open less than a month and is always packed. I've been there 3 times. There are 6 different booths that you can choose from. They have pictures so you can tell what you are getting. There are a lot of soups, but other things as well. I've been working my way through the menus - so far so good.

    1. So, Elkins Park is very close to Philadelphia's "Korea Town".
      There are many Korean Restaurant on 5th Street, south of Cheltenham Road.

      Jong Ja Jip - Soft Tofu is their specialty
      6600 N 5th St
      Philadelphia, PA 19120
      (215) 924-0100

      Mon-Sun 11:00 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Price Range: $ Accepts Credit Cards: Yes Parking:

      Kim's Restaurant -Korean BBQ
      5955 N 5th St
      Philadelphia, PA 19120

      (215) 927-4550‎
      (215) 939-2056‎

      Seo Rah Bul -
      On W. Grange Street, between 2nd and Old 2nd Sts.

      Good BBQ and Naengmyun (perfect on a hot days), chajangmyun

      For casual, more Korean snack/"fast food" (eg. Korean Fried chicken, dukbukgee etc..)

      Bon Chon at SoHo Cafe
      468 West Cheltenham Ave, Philadelphia PA 19126
      Check out google maps.

      They have 2 flavors. Soy Sauce Garlic and Spicy. I prefer the soy sauce garlic to the spicy one, but the spicy style is still good. The chicken is served in a wooden bowl with cubed "moo" on the side (daikon radish in vinegar). Get a bucket of that with a pitcher of Hoegaarden on the side and mmm mmm MMM....

      Cafe Soho also serves a variety of other entrees like kimchi fried rice and tonkatsu. They also have pat bin soo in all seasons (even though it's more of a spring/summer type dish) and a variety of coffee and tea options.

      These are the places I like to go to satisfy my Korean craving, and/or take my Korean relatives and friends to when they visit me.