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Jul 17, 2008 11:50 AM

Fish dinner suggestion needed: not Fish Camp

We've gone there a number of times. But we're looking for a good fish restaurant in Brooklyn - ok with any neighborhood - for a well-cooked fish dinner (like a great piece of grilled halibut) or such and a good salad. Trying to eat summery and not heavy and staying away from an evening with grease!


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  1. Yiasou Estiatorio in Sheepshead Bay has been enjoyable on the couple of occasions I dined there in the last month. I didn't go into it thinking I wanted a greek restaurant (in fact the first time was just because Randazzo's was too crowded to wait). The grilled octopus and grilled fish entrees have been excellent (I prefered the whole fish specials compared to the fillet and steaks with sauces others had decided on). As have been the salads. In particular the 2nd time I had a grilled Pompano that was very well prepared with just the right doneness plus the salad that was shared was an exceptionally nice tomatoe salad (they had a table full of on the vine tomatoes as you walked in). Nice light summer fare if you order that way.

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      did Randazzo's for first time this Saturday. Very good clams on half shell, and while everything cooked was good, it wasn't memorable. Our party got the steamed lobster, fried oyster sandwich, pasta with clam sauce, and red chowders.

    2. Petite Crevette on Hicks St in Carroll Gardens has great grilled whole fish and is my first stop for seafood cravings.

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        Petite Crevette is very good. It's also a pretty "Brooklyn" experience. Know that it is BYOB still. Also, be warned that service is kind of slow, and also dishes are kind of expensive ($25 dollar entrees seem a bit overpriced). For these reasons, I go sometimes but not a lot. Good fish, though.

      2. I would recommend Tempo on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Excellent fish dishes and wonderful wines by the bottle and glass. They have an excellent whole orata and a prix fixe menu $32 per person Sun-Thursday and $42 per person Friday and Saturday. Excellent, attentive and friendly service also.

        1. I would highly recommend Tempo on 5th avenue in Park Slope. Excellent fish, particularly the roasted orata. The wild salmon and striped bass are also good. They have a pre fixe menu $32 per person most nights, I think it's a bit higher on Friday and Saturday. Great, attentive service and a nice setting.

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            Regardless of the prixe fixe the price there--weekday or weekend--always winds up super high. The drink prices are absurdly inflated, i.e. two drinks costs as much as your three course meal. (Not that price was a question, but anyway...I guess it about on par with the fish camp if you order expensive items.)

          2. abistro in Fort Greene has some verrrry yummy fish dishes. It's also BYOB, but there's a nice wine store around the corner (just ask for directions).