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Jul 17, 2008 11:42 AM

help me register for the best food processor

I need help choosing a food processor to put on my wedding registry (williams-sonoma and crate&barrel). The online reviews are confusing and don't relate to my choices.

Here are the choices:
Cuisinart 14-cup (the ones offered by Crate&Barrel and Williams-Sonoma look different)
Cuisinart 9-cup


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  1. You absolutely should go with the larger model if you have the counter space. I have the 9-cup and it works fine, but I often wish I had a bit more room in there! If counter space (or space in general) is a concern for you, you'll certainly be happy with the 9-cup. Congrats on the wedding!!

    1. actually i'd recommend the kitchen aid over the cuisinart. i've owned both & the KA definitely wins. and as jenhen said, definitely go for the larger one - although i say go for it regardless of counter space - that's what cabinets are for ;)

      i know C&B only carries the cuisinart, but W-S has my beloved 12-cup KA.


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        I have to agree about the KA, but if you have your heart set on the Cuisinart, get the larger one. The first time you have to process something in batches you'll be sorry you got the smaller model...

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          Thanks for the advice! Sadly, just checked w-s and it doesn't look like they carry a ka food processor. What exactly is the difference in performance? If it is huge, then maybe I should take it off my registry entirely and buy one somewhere else.

          1. re: jsteingarten

            The main reason I chose a KA over the Cuisinart was because at the time I purchased mine (probably around 2003), a lot of people were complaining that the Cuisinart was a victim of overkill on the safety features - one of which was that you had to unlock the cover everytime you wanted to add food to the bowl. The other was that the pusher supposedly couldn't be removed completely from the sleeve which would be somewhat limiting in terms of use. There were enough cranky reviews about these issues that made me decide on the KA. And I've been very happy with it. I have a 12 cup, it gets a lot of regular use and I have no complaints with it at all. It's possible that the Cuisinarts being made today don't have those issues, I've had no reason to look into it.

            1. re: jsteingarten

              W-S does carry it. last one in the second row & first one in the third row...


              maybe for some reason it's not available as a registry item...? that would be strange, but you never know.

              in all fairness, i haven't used one of the newer, sleeker cuisinarts. perhaps the new design also = improved performance. i just think the KA is a better machine. plus, it has a larger capacity, and comes with those convenient nesting/insert bowls for smaller jobs.

          2. I'll put in a word for the cuisinart. I've had mine for 15+ years and it still works like a charm. I don't think you can really go wrong with either the cuisinart or the kitchen aid.

            1. No idea which is best. I suspect that depends on what you personally like. I've had a cuisinart for around 12 years. I've taken it to work many times so it's seem some serious use. It's been dropped and abused but like a timex it just keeps on ticking.

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                I've had my Cuisinart for about 30 years and it's stood up to heavy duty use during that time. 15 years ago I even bought a second bowl for it just in case the original bowl was rendered unusable -- haven't had to use it!