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Jul 17, 2008 11:36 AM

Fav seafood cookbooks?

Hi 'hounds, I will be travelling to the east coast next month, my mission is to eat (of course) but also to dig clams, shop at markets as they come up, buy as much ultra fresh seafood off of piers/boats...etc.. I will have a car and will be staying a small bare basics cottage (kitcheonette, minimal pots & pans) and bringing some favorite seasonings. I can put together a pretty good meal on the fly and all but I do want a reference guide of some kind to avoid such things as: soak clams for an hour or so to get them to release grit! Learned that one the hard way... anyway, favorite seafood cookbook suggestions would be appreciated...

A few that sound good:

Ocean Friendly Cuisine: Sustainable Seafood Recipes From The World's Finest Chefs by James O. Fraioli -- I do like this one for it's sustainability concept

Rick Stein's Complete Seafood by Rick Stein --though this seems like a good do all manual with recipes in the back...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like the Coastal Living Cookbook.

      1. re: bob192

        +1 really straight forward advice that teaches you how to cook vs how to follow a recipe.

      2. I know this question is years old but I will still reply with my favorites. Jasper Whites cookbooks- amazing pan seared lobster with chervil and chives. Also, any recipe books by Chuck Muer- he has great recipes for seafood chowders, pastas, clams casino and a house bread that is amazing