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Jul 17, 2008 11:22 AM

Anyone tried Wat Thai in NoHo?

Has anyone tried the Wat Thai (Buddist Temple) Saturday food court? I heard it is back up starting this weekend and have always wanted to go.

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  1. If it really is back up and running, that is wonderful news. It is excellent. Great food, cheap, a very fun crowd of people, an interesting temple. If you search, there must be dozens, maybe hundreds, of mentions of it over the years on this board. The general consensus is that it is a very special place.

    1. Just curious as to your source for the information that they are starting up again? TIA

      1. Ohh please do confirm if anyone figures out if it is really back up and running.
        That would be awesome indeed!


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          I know this sounds silly, but I mentioned it before, why doesn't someone call the temple? I would, but I am not that interested.

          1. re: howard81

            The Wat Thai LA website link is below. The 'English' link is not functioning so maybe a Thai speaker could call them and ask??? PLEASE!!! I AM that interested, but skeptical considering the problems that they had which resulted in the monks terminating the weekend food court.