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Jul 17, 2008 11:03 AM

Chinese Restaurant in Marin

Are there any good Chinese restaurants in Marin? Particularly San Rafael, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Larkspur areas.

I have tried Jennie Low and Yet Wah and didn't find them to be very good. Anything remotely close to what you can find in SF?

Has anyone been to House of Lee, China Dynasty?

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  1. No. I've been looking for good Chinese and Vietnamese in Marin for three years and have not found anything better than average. With the exception of Sushi Ran, all of the Asian food in Marin is just OK.

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    1. re: Husky

      I did some more searching on Chow and came across Harmony in Mill Valley. I also expanded my search to Sausalito and see a place called Tommy Wok. I am looking for some place to take out of town guests. They ate at Great Eastern in China Town earlier in the week and they really enjoyed it. They will be traveling to Marin over weekend and were interested in having Chinese food again. I just can't help but think they will be disappointed in what Marin has to offer.

      I will even consider Americanized Chinese food if its well done.

        1. re: Scott M

          I'm sure you looked at the list of Marin County Chinese restaurants in the Places database

          I went to Harmony when it first opened, so my report might not be all that fair. I've read some good things since and have been thinking of re-visiting. Someone who was from Yank Sing is involved in the place.

          It IS pricy and the portions are small ... even by dim sum standards. That might or might not have changed since opening. It is a lovely room and they must be doing something right to have survived.

      1. Feng Nang in Sausalito might be worth a try. We've only had lunch there, however. (not sure of spelling - it's on upper Bridgeway).

        1. I took a group to dinner last year at DJ's (then CJ's) in Larkspur. It was last summer and the brick patio was open. Great ambiance, pretty good food. While my group was not one of dedicated Asian foodies, they were not from Fargo N D either. Everyone enjoyed the meal and many said they would return. I think Jennie Low is good for lunch, but that's it.

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          1. re: OldTimer

            Hey oldTimer a quick Google search showed over 10 Chinese restaurants in Fargo and many, many more in the area. Pick on Detroit.

            1. re: wolfe

              I think that was a qualitative statement. The worst Chinese food I ever ate in my life was in Fargo. This was 30 years ago, and amazingly that restaurant is still in business today. The fact is that with an Asian population of 5 percent, not all of Chinese origin, Marin County is not a likely location for much in the way of really good Chinese food.

              1. re: wolfe

                You are probably right, wolfe. I just picked out Fargo, where I've never been. However, I have been to Harrisonville, MO where the owner of the best Chinese restaurant had never heard of chow fun. I would suppose the criterion for good Chinese food, is the demands of the populous. I have found the Chinese food in Marin acceptable, but am always amazed at the dumps some people accept (like "Chopsticks" in San Rafael). Peking Wok in San Rafael is pretty good, tho not fancy.

            2. I like the place, also in Sausalito, called Tommy's Wok. It has been around for a long time and I have never been disappointed.

              1. Chinese in Marin is equivalent to Chinese in San Jose. Menus list the usual stereotypes.

                House of Lee is good for cheap Chinese, and they have a semi-large selection of dim sum at probably the lowest prices in Marin.

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                1. re: Sharuf

                  When's the last time you had Chinese in San Jose? The variety of Chinese regional specialties has San Francisco beat.

                  Anyway, here's the thread the last time there was a rehash of "Chinese" options in Marin. Maybe there's something that hasn't been listed here yet.