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Jul 17, 2008 10:55 AM

Dinner Suggestions for Hollywood?

Fellow Chowhounders: I have done Off Vine and Trastevere and Cafe des Artistes....what else would you recommend for a (relatively) affordable birthday dinner in the Hollywood area? I am looking for something new.

Separately, any suggestions for a good Russian restaurant in LA?


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  1. Have you tried Musso & Franks? Great old Hollywood institution with a nostalgic old Hollywood atmosphere, great Martinin's and the steaks aren't too bad either. I don't know what you mean as 'affordable' but while it may be a little more pricey, hey, it's a birthday dinner, so splurge!!

    Here is a web-site listing all Russian restaurants in California you may find usefull:

    1. Magnolia and Bowery are pretty affordable choices in Hollywood.
      Cobras and Matadors can be fun and affordable
      Suppose those aren't new, but...

      Roberts Russian Cuisine on La Brea below Hollywood Blvd

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        I'd add Delancy - same owners as Bowery, but opened fairly recently...

        1. re: nikky

          good call.

          also foxtail (too pricey?) in weho or the foundry

      2. If you want mexican, Loteria from the 3d & Fairfax farmers market has just opened a full restaurant w/ extensive tequila selection. I have not yet been but am a big fan of theirs.
        Agree w/ LesthePress on Musso & Frank - though if you have 2 martinis, walk slowly from the table!
        Don't know much else as I generally avoid that area for dinner.
        Others in that general area (but I have no 411 on): Beso, Geisha House, Katsuya by Starck, Citizen _____,

        1. i second cobras and matadors. but that's really los feliz/silverlake. if you are in the heart of hollywood you could also try bella on hollywood blvd. italian, not too expensive.