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Jul 17, 2008 10:21 AM

MSP: Best Reuben Sandwich

Who makes it??

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  1. Warning: I consider brisket-style corned beef to be the only way to make a great reuben. Tons of thinly-sliced corned beef is good as well, but I do not prefer it.

    My vote, today, goes to Mac's Industrial on Central. Brisket style beer-braised corned beef, good swiss, tons of kraut on marble rye.

    I'd prefer it if the kraut was made in-house and more vinegary and that it were on caraway rye. Also, I hate thousand island on my reuben, so I have them leave that off.

    The reuben @ Be'Wiched (it's a weekly special I believe) is good as well. Great rye.

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    1. re: Foureyes137

      Thousand Island on a Reuben = blech! Thanks for the rec of Mac's Industrial. I will have to check it out.

    2. I haven't had it, but an article in today's (7/17) City Pages says The Grand Cafe has a great one.

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        Cecil's has good caraway rye bread, that is all that reuben has going for it. I had to look for the corned beef and it was shaved. Unfortunatly the Lincoln Dell closed, someone needs to bring their reuben back. I have given up on finding the perfect Reuben in the cities and now make my own. (along with Cubans)

        1. re: showercapcrazy

          What's a cuban sandwich?

          And, it's supposed to be shaved. But not half fat, like Crossroads Deli makes it. (blech)

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            Cuban sandwich: ham, roast pork, swiss, pickles, mustard on french...pressed.

      2. My favorite place, so far, is Cecil's Deli on Cleveland in St. Paul's Highland Park. They use the same Corned Beef that my local deli back in CT used, Hebrew National. Their coleslaw is crisp and delicious, not too sweet, and to me you gotta have a good 'slaw to go with any true deli sandwich. This isn't the fanciest sandwich out there, but when you've got great ingredients it doesn't need to be.

        If you end up checking it out, I'd also recommend you try the potato knishes. If you like carbs, you can't pack more into a single serving of anything than these babies.

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        1. re: MplsDiner

          Cecil's has a lot going for it, but the knishes don't make the list. Frozen and microwaved and by the time they cool down enough to put in your mouth all you're left with is a tasteless glob of potato and a too-chewy, rubbery dough that even salt can't save.

        2. I like the Glockenspiel's version in Saint Paul on W 7th.

          Their kraut is awesome.

          1. It's far from a traditional Reuben but those willing to stretch their taste buds should absolutely try the Tempeh Reuben at French Meadow. I had my first full one last Sunday (I'd had many bites of my fiance's prior to this) and it was delicious down to the last crumb!

            Grilled Tempeh Reuben: Marinated and grilled organic tempeh with sauerkraut and spiced tomato-soy aioli on organic rye bread.