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Jul 17, 2008 10:05 AM

53st/7th ave- lunch suggestions

Hi Folks,

I just started a new job and am working on 54 and 7th avenue.....
the lunch selections seem drab ....... any suggestions on good lunch to take out?
Including cart, pizza, soup, burgers?

I know the jamaican dutchy is near by...but it is too hot these days to wait in line. perfect for the fall

thanks for any feedback

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  1. had lunch today at cafe duke
    they have everything under the sun
    i'd give you more but i dont work in the area normally

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    1. re: namreb

      2d Cafe Duke
      Burgers at Burger Joint
      Menchanko Tei has good ramen

    2. Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien (57th btw 6th and 7th). There's a line, but it's inside an air-conditioned hotel and moves quickly. Call ahead for takeout and plan to wait about 5 minutes in line.

      1. 2d Cafe Duke and Burger Joint.
        Menchanko Tei has good ramen.
        Wu Liang Ye has well-priced lunch specials. I haven't been yet.

        1. It's maybe a little far for you, but I highly recommend Kati Roll Company on 38th between 5th and 6th. Yum!

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          1. re: jenny444

            Have you tried Roomali on 28th and Lex? I prefer them to Kati (which is also good).

          2. I would recommend Stage Star for unlimited toppings salad for $6.99. It's on 55th Street between 6th/7th. I also like the Daisy May BBQ cart on 50th St between 6th/7th. I prefer Teriyaki Boy's (7th Ave between 49th/48th) udon over Duke's udon. Usually at Duke's the udon is already cooked so it's a little too slimy/cold for me.

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            1. re: teresa

              thanks for the tip on stage star.......not easy to find good things for lunch around here!