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53st/7th ave- lunch suggestions

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Hi Folks,

I just started a new job and am working on 54 and 7th avenue.....
the lunch selections seem drab ....... any suggestions on good lunch to take out?
Including cart, pizza, soup, burgers?

I know the jamaican dutchy is near by...but it is too hot these days to wait in line. perfect for the fall

thanks for any feedback

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  1. had lunch today at cafe duke
    they have everything under the sun
    i'd give you more but i dont work in the area normally

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      2d Cafe Duke
      Burgers at Burger Joint
      Menchanko Tei has good ramen

    2. Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien (57th btw 6th and 7th). There's a line, but it's inside an air-conditioned hotel and moves quickly. Call ahead for takeout and plan to wait about 5 minutes in line.

      1. 2d Cafe Duke and Burger Joint.
        Menchanko Tei has good ramen.
        Wu Liang Ye has well-priced lunch specials. I haven't been yet.

        1. It's maybe a little far for you, but I highly recommend Kati Roll Company on 38th between 5th and 6th. Yum!

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            Have you tried Roomali on 28th and Lex? I prefer them to Kati (which is also good).

          2. I would recommend Stage Star for unlimited toppings salad for $6.99. It's on 55th Street between 6th/7th. I also like the Daisy May BBQ cart on 50th St between 6th/7th. I prefer Teriyaki Boy's (7th Ave between 49th/48th) udon over Duke's udon. Usually at Duke's the udon is already cooked so it's a little too slimy/cold for me.

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              thanks for the tip on stage star.......not easy to find good things for lunch around here!

            2. have you tried the new French Bistro-like restarurant? it's on 55th and 7 Avenue. Brasserie Cognac. I had a few lunches there... and very happy with the service and HIGH MARKS on food. It was a biz lunch so we had the time to dine. but it looks like their bakery has salads and sandwiches for the quick grabbers.....
              hope this helps...

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                yes i went last week. the mac and cheese with truffle oil was outrageous

                i wasn't really impressed with the menu tho

              2. good to know about Brasserie Cognac - all the reviews I've seen thus far on other sources weren't that great.

                Anyway, I've been trying everywhere in this neighborhood for about a year so I can add a few more. Tina's on 55th or 56th (can never remember w/o walking there) is good for cuban. La bonne soupe is good for cheaper bistro fare - significantly cheaper than cognac. Angelo's is ok for red sauce italian type pasta and coal oven pizza. If you feel like schelping over to the time warner center there's a lot of stuff at whole foods. A lot of mediocre/expensive food in the area, it can be a bit of a mine field. When I'm actually eating out I head over to 9th ave a lot b/c most of the restaurants over there have under 10 dollar lunch specials.

                I'll jump on the approval band wagon for menchanko tei, burger joint, daisy may's cart. I'm sick of Duke though - gets repetitive fast.

                1. The (in)famous chicken-and-rice halal cart on the corner of 53rd/6th *just* added a sister cart on the SW corner of 53rd/7th daytimes. You lucked out!

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                  1. Azuri Cafe on 51st near 10th ave. Best falafel in Manhattan... be mindful that the place is tiny and the owner is surly.

                    1. Aoki Japanese restaurant on 48th btwn Broadway and 9th

                      A bit of a hike, but one of the better mid-town/theater district lunch spots

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                        I like this one too, but address is bet. Broadway and 8th.