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Jul 17, 2008 09:52 AM

Eureka Springs AR and Memphis TN Recomendations?

Visting Eureka Springs AR, Branson MO and Memphis TN in a bit. Does anyone have any recent recommendations for them?

Is the Neely's Barbecue in Memphis worth a side trip from downtown?

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  1. Well there is a Neely's pretty close to downtown, but there's better barbecue to be had. Search "Memphis Barbecue" for suggestions.

    1. As far as Memphis is concerned, it really depends on what sort of food you're looking for. You don't have to leave downtown for great barbecue - try Cozy Corner. If you're strictly staying downtown, either the Majestic Grille right on Main St or Encore on 2nd would be great choices for local food. EP Delta Kitchen or Itta Bena are both on Beale for good food. If you don't want something fancy, Gus's Fried Chicken is always a good choice. If you're willing to get out of downtown, Restaurant Iris and Interim are both wonderful.

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        If you're downtown. you oughta try the barbecue at Charlie Vergos Rendezvousm, famed for dry ribs.

      2. Eureka Springs has tons of great restaurants. What kind of food and what price range?

        1. There is an Italian place called Ermilio's in Eureka Springs in a house in the downtown area (up the hill). It is very good and my must-eat place when I go there.

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            I'm glad to hear that Emilio's is still going strong. We dined there in their first year of operation, and had a very good meal. In such a volitle market, as Eureka Springs, it would not have surprised me, had a very good restaurant just disappeared. My experiences were far too long ago to comment to the OP, but I am heartened by your post.


          2. Spent 3 days in Memphis in June. We LOVED Gus's fried chicken. For white tablecloth, seasonal cuisine we liked Encore (in the Peabody mall complex). Also recommend Blues City Cafe for fried catfish. The Arcade was good for breakfast. I did not think Neely's was worth the drive out of town. A non-food aside: the Stax recording studio museum is a great experience.

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              Amy, someone steered you well. an excellent representation of Downtown I'd omit the Blues City/catfish and add Automatic Slim's for a Carribbean/ Southwestern sort of offbeat place, Dish for Mediterranean-tapas in Cooper-Young, Bari for Southeast Italian,Hunt Phelan for upscale Southern. I do think Interstate on S. Third is worth the drive from downtown(not that far really) If you're driving, a trip to the original Gus's in Mason is a worthwile effort. Branson is a culinary wasteland. The only decent meal I've had there was at the Candlelight(I thin that was the name, it's across the river/lake overlooking downtown) but nothing to write home about. It's been too long since we were in Eureka springs to offer any recc's there.