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Jul 17, 2008 09:17 AM

Portland, ME: Dog-friendly Outdoor Dining

Visiting for the day and bringing my dog. Looking for recs for a tasty (early) dinner where we can sit outside with the pooch. On my last visit we ate at DuckFat and I would go again in a heartbeat but thought I'd check first on what else might be good. Looking for casual - any type of food is fine. Walking distance (15 min or less) from Munjoy Hill area is ideal. Price - $20 or under for entrees I'd say.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I've eaten at Flatbread Company several times and it's always been good. My family has a dog and we've sat out on the deck, which is on the water, and had great meals, service, etc.

    1. J's Oyster let our little one sit under the table on the dock and even made sure we had water for her. I was told that there is one waitress who is allowed to refuse dogs because she has had a problem with a bite in the past.

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        Portland is so dog-friendly, but it is hard to find place that allow dogs...Aside from the aformentioned, there is Dry Dock. My recommendation? Drinks only...Food isn't even fit for dogs( not even the one on my street that ate my gardening glove last weekend...)

      2. The shaded garden behind Silly's is a great place to eat with a dog in hot weather.

        1. I like the Port Hole--nice views, good food, very nice to dogs.

          1. The Lobster Company on Commercial is very dog friendly. They even used to have a doggy happy hour once a week. Not sure if they still do that. The deck is huge, lots of seating. I can't speak to the food, but plentiful outdoor space.