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Jul 17, 2008 08:37 AM

Roasted Garlic "Finger Food" help...Quick & cool!

I roasted two extra heads of garlic last night; they are so handy to have in the fridge. Well, I didn’t realize how handy until this morning when we got an invite to a casual get together at a friend’s house tonight. I need to bring a finger food and I’d love to use this garlic but I don’t have to. Does anyone have any inspiration?

Please no oven usage. It’s 90 and about 120 percent humidity here today so I need to keep it cool in process and product.

I also want something more than just a dippy sort of thing.

I know the CHOW brain trust will come to the rescue!


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  1. If you google "Indigo Grill, San Diego" you should come up with a link. Click on that and go to the menu for Indigo Grill. They have an appetizer that is unbelievably tasty which has a whole head of roasted garlic drizzled with honey and (I think) chopped walnuts. This sits on top of a small round of warmed brie (you could probably do room temp or put it outside and it will be warmed in no time with 90 degrees temps!). You squeeze a clove out and spread on flatbread with the brie. It is really delicious. I'd post the link to the menu but it's being blocked for some reason by my work filter. Grrrr. Enjoy!

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      Thanks E2E! I Your suggestion inspired me to make some Mango Jalapeno Roasted Garlic jam. I served it over cream cheese with a choice of water crackers and thin gingersnap crisps, which were absolutly amazing with the jam. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

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        Wow - That sounds fantastic! I'm glad it worked out for you. Care to share the recipe for the jam? I love mangos, jalapenos, and roasted garlic so much I could probably happily eat it straight!

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          E2E Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to you. Here's the basic recipe I used if you're still interested...

          3 cups ripe mango, small dice (I actually used frozen, it's what I had)
          6 jalapenos, small dice
          1 1/2 cups cider vinegar
          6 1/2 cups sugar
          1 6 ounce bottle liquid pectin
          And, for course I added a head of roasted garlic, which was the hope of the whole thing.

          Boil 5 clean jelly jars in at least one inch of water while making the jelly.

          Combine all ingredients except the pectin in a large saucepan and boil for 30 minutes. Allow to cool for ten minutes.

          Stir in pectin and boil for 10 minutes or until jelled. To test, dip a metal spoon in at right angles to the surface of the jelly and lift it about 12 inches above the surface. While still at right angles, allow the drops to “sheet” off. If they do not come together and sheet off, continue boiling and test again.

          Remove the jelly from heat, skim, and allow it to cool. Carefully ladle into sterilized jars. Clean the outside of each jar around the top with a hot cloth dipped in boiling water. When cool, seal with melted paraffin.

          I didn't seal the extra with paraffin, just screwed lids on and put in freezer.


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            Thanks for the recipe ajcraig. It sounds wonderful! I haven't made many jellys because we don't eat the fruit variety very fast. This however, wouldn't last long! I'll give it a try soon!

            1. re: ajcraig

              Do you have any more unusual combo recipes?

              Would love to try some other combos. It's hard to find recipe--I thought there'd be tons on the 'net, but can't seem to find 'em.

              I made some peach-raspberry-mango-jalepeno jam today, but don't know if it jelled or not.
              We'll see tomorrow!

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                I'm with toodie jane on this so I started a thread for unusual jam combos here:

                Can't wait to see what others have been doing!

        2. I'm thinking crostini....Roasted garlic spread on bottom, layered with a slice of small tomato or otherthinly sliced veggie (cucumber or radish perhaps), topped with goat cheese..or other cheese.

          Once you start thinking of possible combinations including sliced meats, there's no limit.

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            This is SO good with a big, fresh, basil leaf!

          2. Blend with hot-smoked salmon and a little mayo to make a thick paste - serve like brandade, maybe with hard boiled eggs on toast or French bread.