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Jul 17, 2008 08:25 AM

Table28 East Greenwich

I took my Mother and Aunt to Table 28 Tuesday for lunch. The last time I was there was four years ago on a Sunday night, and, the food and service were so substandard that I did not go back. My sister had been there recently with friends and said it was under new management and that the food and service were goo; so, we decided to give it another try. There were four active tables when we got was obvious that they had already ordered; one table was seated shortly after we got there. At any rate, we each order the lobster salad plate. After seeing that the first four tables had already gotten their food (hot items) and that thirty minutes had gone by (and I have learned serious patience from my martial arts trainiong), I got up and asked the hostess if the kitchen was backed up. She gave me a blank look, and I asked again. Our server, who heard me, said: "We are busy." I pointed out that the other guests had already received their food. She told me it would still be another five minutes. The salads finally came; HOWever, I had to ask for dressing...they forgot that part. My Mother was exasperated and just said to me: "We are not coming back here."

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