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Jul 17, 2008 07:37 AM

anyone make their own peanut butter?

Every recipe I find includes roasted peanuts, oil and salt...I'm wondering if anyone has the master measurement combonation of these, or if you have an "secret ingredients".

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  1. No oil in mine. Just run peanuts with some salt through champion juicer. If using a food processor pulse at first, you can reserve some chopped peanuts to mix in for crunchy.

    1. I second Phantomdoc. We do it exactly the same. No additional oil. Salt the peanuts
      to taste before running them through the Champion set up to homogenize. Try some
      cantilope ice cream made with the Champion. Oui la la

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      1. re: paul balbin

        I don't make it myself but my 81 year old walking partner does and keeps me well supplied. I call it 'Crack!'. He takes a mixture of all kinds of different nuts ; specifically mixed nuts, peanuts, pecans and walnuts. NO extra salt. Puts it in the food proccesser w enough olive oil to make a nice spreadable consistency. I keep it refrigerated and when I have it, I mix in my homemade granola. Its one of life's BEST foods.

        1. re: paul balbin

          Paul if you want to try something really special in your champion I came up with this recipe in the mid '80s in my vegan marathon running days. Soak 1 lb.of raw almonds and 1 lb. of dried apricots and 1/2 lb. raisins overnight. Run through Champion with the blank plate and mix in 1/2 lb. dried coconut. Warning! High calorie and very addictive. Spread on a rice cake or anything else if you can resist eating the whole thing with a spoon. Enjoy.

        2. More honey than oil. Delish, especially with Peanut Roaster peanuts.

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          1. re: dolores

            mmm...honey. Good thought. Hadn't read anything about adding honey.
            I just looked up the Champion, and it's a fair bet that I won't be purchasing it this weekend :) But, I do have a fairly sturdy food processor. It'll have to do!

            1. re: dolores

              Agreed. Honey is key. I also don't add oil. But then, I'm one of those freaky folks that prefers the non-organic supermarket variety due to the sweet factor.

              1. re: Ali

                do you think you could do agave nectar instead of honey?

                1. re: taresa514

                  I don't see why not. I have a preference for honey, so that's why I started using it, but I don't see why agave nectar wouldn't work. Give it a try and report back!