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Jul 17, 2008 07:33 AM

Suckling Pig

I want to do a suckling pig(under 12 lbs.) does anyone know where I can get one and do you have any idea how much it will run me.

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  1. In the Italian Market, Cannulli's House of Pork or D'Angelo's do them (I believe). I have never done one so I am not positive and have no idea of cost.

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        D'Angelo's would definitely be uncooked. It isn't listed on his web site, but there is a lot of stuff that isn't so I'd call.
        Cannuli's sells roasted pig, but my guess would be you could get a raw suckling pig from them as well (since they sell all kinds of fresh pork
        )Espositos may also carry it since they supply most of the restaurants in the city.

      2. try espositos porchetta 1627 s 10th st 215.271.8418 I use them. there great

        1. Cannuli's will get you one. Espositos cooks them, they are good though.

          1. Did a suckling pig for Christmas several years ago and bought it from Cannullis. Very happy with the store and the pig.

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              Does anyone know what the pigs run per lb.