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Jul 17, 2008 06:51 AM

Lancaster area riverfront?

Hello All -

Two questions, and thanks in advance. First, I was at a place last summer, just outside Lancaster, which served dinner on a large patio overlooking a small river, near a bridge, I think. Food was decent, atmosphere pleasant. There was a bar outside, too. I can't remember the name or where it was. Anyone know the place?

Second, I will be back in the area with my wife and 15 year old daughter to drop my daughter off at camp. Can anyone recommend an interesting place for dinner?


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  1. Sounds like The Conestoga, 1501 E. King St., serving decent food and drink since 1741, as they say.

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      Thanks, but that wasn't it. It was further out of town, bordering on an "upscale" suburb, near a country club, I think.

    2. Probably is "The Cove". It used to be the "East of Eden" and is on Millcross Road, just off Route 23 (New Holland Pike). They have a very nice, large deck that overlooks the Conestoga River.

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        Thank you Fingul. That's the one.

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          What's been your experience with the food there?

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            We went to the Cove last summer and it was great, wonderful atmosphere, good seafood and salads. I was shocked to find waterfront dining in Lancaster. It is way off the beaten path, though.