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Jul 17, 2008 06:47 AM

Reasonably priced restaurant serving lamb? (Not Mezes)


I am looking for a restaurant that is reasonably priced (ie. entrees around 20-24$) that serves lamb chops.

Also, this cannot be Mezes on Danforth.

I am trying to appease a finicky father and a picky mother as well us myself and my partner that will eat anything and love new foods.

Any suggestions would be great!


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  1. I've always liked the lamb at Cafe Pleiade on Mt Pleasant. Unfortunately I don't like Summerlicious - they're part of that too - and lamb chops are one of the items offered on their Summerlicious menu.

    Cafe Pleiade
    557 Mt Pleasant, Toronto, ON M4S2M5, CA

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      If you want the Danforth, Pantheon is reasonable, and gives you a large portion of first cut chops, at a reasonable price.

      1. re: erly

        2nd pantheon. the lamb is my favorite. very tender, ask for it medium rare.

    2. Me Va Me at Bathurst & Steeles serves some tasty lamb chops as well as lamb kebabs for a very reasonable price. Food is mediterranean in nature - the portions are generous and there's a variety of salads and appetizers to try something new.

      I would also highly recommend Bisseli at Dufferin and Centre (north of Steeles) in Thornhill. It's a more casual environment but I find it to be superior quality to the others in the area - including Me Va Me.

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        I second the lamb at Me Va Me. For $15 they gave 4 or 5 thick lamb chops and I almost couldn't finish it. Nicely seasoned and grilled too, done to my liking. I have to go back to try more stuff.

      2. Djerba la Douce (Danforth and Coxwell) is excellent, and serves lamb dishes for way under your budget. A quick search will get you a bunch of positive reviews from this board.

        1. Le Paradis makes a fabulous Lamb shank (I know it's not chops but it's fab) and I think it's under $20.
          IMO it's the one thing on the menu that is consistently good!