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Jul 17, 2008 06:27 AM

Ocean City Restaurant Help Family!

Long story short....this is our 4th year going to OC. We are aware that Somer's Point or Margate is the place to dine for seafood. We have been to the Crab Trap many times and would like to try something new. I have heard mixed reviews on Smitty's, Gregory's, Tuckahoe, and many others.

We are traveling with my 3 month old and my 2 1/2 year old. They are good at restaurants and we don't want to go to a family place that has mediocre food. I am really looking for the best quality seafood that can accomodate a family with two little ones. I have asked this question many times on many boards. I know we are going to Margate one night, but I am more interested in our best bet in Somers Point or very close to that. I have a very picky family who looks for really fresh quality food. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Also comment on Mike's Seafood in Sea Isle.


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  1. None of the Somers Point restaurants have really outstanding seafood, IMHO, but I'd say the Crab Trap fits your descripton the best.

    If you don't mind the drive to Stone Harbor, Quahogs seafood shack is an outstanding casual seafood spot.

    1. I live in OC, and amongst my friends the go to restos are the Crab Trap, Tuckahoe Inn, and Yesterday's in Marmora, in that order. My wife and I really enjoy Smitty's, but it is a clam bar "shack" so I don't know about the kids, or "picky family". My grandchildren ages 7 and 11 enjoyed it though (of course they ordered chicken fingers)

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        I heard Tuckahoe was mediocre. We like Crab trap, but have been there too often. Is the food at yesterday's good or just the atmosphere?

      2. Please forgive me for being this forward....but ..if you have been going to OC for a while...why would you even think fine dining? The magic of OC...which I have summered at for the last 20 years is its family inspired restaurants. No toddlers want to sit through a fine dining meal for 1 and a half to 2 hours. there are several reliable seafood restaurants available for you to choose from. We go to OC with other families and all consider ourselves "foodies" but we realize that this particular location is really very hard for us die hard gourmands. Last year when we had some friends stopping in for a visit we planned a beach picnic...Use Spadafora's. They will deliver your fresh cooked seafood to the beach! We had one of the most memorable dinners ever...the kids played on the beach while we ate and drank (Wine in plastic cups) and enjoyed the sunset. I know its not a fine dinig experience but iit truly was memorable! I've posted before about my faves in OC..would love to hear yours too.
        Boyars: Great takeout...Familiy style..thier BBQ Chicken is to die for.
        Skip all the pizza places cept for the Mack n Manko on the boardwalk
        Georges: The very best Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

        I have been to Gregorys twice and liked it..but far from fine dining..fresh seafood quick fried or broiled is great anywhere though.

        have a great vacation

          1. It's been about 2 years since I have been here but Captain's Galley has my favorite crab cake. If gas wasn't $4 a gallon I would do a road trip this summer just to get one