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hello from south west pa i'm looking for some wineries in this region we have visited several but asking around always helps... we have been to stone villa for the weekend events which are wonderful they have great wine and free music and we have been to ck winery were about 2 hours outside of pittsburgh and are wondering if there are any other small wineries that aren't as easy to find in pa any suggestions?

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  1. Not in your area, but if you're ever in or passing through the southeast part of the state, I highly recommend Va La in Avondale:


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      I agree! I live very close to Va La and I can confidently say that it has the best wines in the area. Two heads above the rest at least. Very nice wines and a lovely tasting experience. Bottles are a little spendy, so be prepared for a $30-40 bottle.

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        Agreed. Nice enough wine, but too expensive for what it is.

    2. You have got to check out Va La Vineyard. Come out this way and stay at a Bed & Breakfast, it'd be a lovely romantic or girlfriend weekend. The wines are worth this trip. Great italian style reds and paired beautifully with cheese and chocolate.

      1. If heading up toward Erie, Presque Isle Winery is a must. IMHO, it is the premier winery of Pennsylvania.

        1. I did a weekend in the Chautaugua wine region which includes northeast PA and into NY a bit. While its not exactly Napa (and doesn't pretend to be) it was a very enjoyable trip. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly, warm, and personable.


          I used this site to plan. (We actually attended the 'holiday wine weekend' last year).

          I believe the winery Chefpaulo mentioned would be included in this area.

          1. I went to Conneaut Cellars Winery, just minutes from historic Conneaut Lake Park. All of their wines are fantastic and the family offers a free tour of their facilities three times daily. Every person I've introduced their wines to absolutely loved it! Check them out:

            1. Have yet to find a wine in PA that was worth the pricetag. I understand that wineries have operating expenses and what not, but I think they are absolutely insane for trying to get $20-$30+ for some of these wines.

              For the same money, I could be drinking some great wines from Santa Barbara County....but that is just me... -mJ

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                Conneaut Cellars Winery, the winery I mentioned above, has most of their wines starting at $8.55, which I find to be very reasonable for good wine. The wine list with pricesL

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                  I agree with njfoodies that most PA wines are not worthy of $20+ pricetags, but I think that is more of an issue in the eastern part of the state where the wineries are probably a little better. In the western part of PA, we aer looking at the $8-$15 range for most of the wines. The reality is that WPA wines are average to good
                  (coming from a dry wine drinker), with some really decent stuff for under $10. The reds in this part of the world are not really that good overall, but there are some quaffable finds. Conneaut Cellars has some good stuff, Stone Villa can turn out some nice whites, some of the Erie wineries (Arrowhead, Presque Isle) also have some good wines at decent prices. If you're looking for CA quality juice, it ain't gonna happen very often. If you're looking for a place to have some fun, drink some wine, and just enjoy the winery atmosphere, the local wineries fit the bill! PS--Ohio has some good wineries as well.